The parameter of improved cut quality particularly when cutting thin metal sheets is the burr quality and smoothness of burr. Although technical parameters such as angle of incidence with respect to elongated beams and angle of incidence taking into account focal position are important the burring edge and smoothness of the cut is more critical. Once a cut is made and the metal allowed cooling down just rubbing the thumb across the cut will determine the quality of the cut.

A high precision fiber laser cutting machine generates a laser beam. A typical optical configuration allows the beam to travel via a collimation lens and thereafter through a focusing lens to make a pinpoint beam of heat that can cut through metal sheets. In the video ( a metal pipe is notched with square openings. The cut is precise and fast; the tool holder rotates the pope to the desired position and the laser beam does the job of cutting in seconds.

OMNI CNC manufactures a low-maintenance solid state laser and delivers the beam via fiber optic cable. The machine’s biggest feature is achieving superior quality cuts and fine tolerances. The machine cuts through titanium, mild steel, brass, copper, stainless steel among others. The IPG brand fiber laser is rated for 100,000 hours of laser life. It is nearly two years of continuous output (working for 16 hours a day). The laser achieves output of 3000 watts which indicates that it is a high performance laser. The laser cutting head is a non-contact tool with an adjustable height to control the beam shape.

Fiber CNC Laser Machine - Improving Cutting Quality via Fiber CNC Laser Machine

The machine is equipped with several options such as an optional laser safety shroud that encloses the entire structure creating a safety zone. The optional tube cutting attachment (as shown in the video) enables several diameter sizes of tubes that can be laser cut. There is also a choice of cutting optics that increases the versatility of the machine. The machine is laser efficient and achieves reliable autonomous operation. With a compact layout and simple easy to use operational controls the OMNI Fiber Laser is an excellent tool for any workshop.

OMNI Fiber Laser - Improving Cutting Quality via Fiber CNC Laser Machine