Lotus 3D Engraving Relief Sculpture

Lotus is native to China, generally located in Central Asia, West Asia, North America, India, China, Japan and other subtropical and temperate regions. Chinese like lotus, so we like to engrave lotus as relief sculpture on cnc router.
In China, lotus is the oldest flower, its cultivation history can be traced back about six thousand years ago, the legendary lots lunar birthday is June 24. Since its birthday is soon coming, omni cnc router engrave it as ceremony.

Lotus also known as “Flower Fairy”, the flower language of lotus is innocent, faithful and pure. In the traditional culture of China, lotus symbolizes good luck, and we often regard lotus as a symbol of peaceful, cooperation and union .

Lotus is also connected with Buddhism very closely.
In the small universe of the atoms, the case of uranium atoms with 235 electrons and 238 electrons can illustrate the forces of interaction between the electrons and the nucleus. On one hand, the electrons are attracted to the nucleus. On the other hand, they resist being confined to the small space around the nucleus; and fly out in all directions, and then return to the nucleus. Those more than 200 electrons, under the interacting forces, each make different curves, and together they form the shape of a lotus flower. That is why the Buddha spoke of the Lotus Treasury World, which represents the idea that even the smallest atom (mote of dust) contains the secret of the formation, existence, destruction and emptiness of the universe. Moreover, it enables us to understand that the Buddha-nature represented by the lotus fills every corner in any universe, and even minutest the universe on the tip of a hair contains limitless, unspeakably many Thus Come Ones. So it is said that in a lotus is hidden the secret law of the universe. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity says if you travel at the speed of light, you will have 70% longer life than your twin brother on earth. It is said, “One day in heaven is a thousand years on earth.” From a broader point of view, this is the liberation from the standard of time and space, and this is described in the Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra as, “One listens to the Dharma Flower Sutra for one day, and in the meantime several hundred billion years have passed by outside.”
This is the reason we love Lotus very much. OMNI engrave 3D lotus on aluminium plate by cnc router to express our admire and esteem to universe and Buddhism.
Living on Earth, our relationship with the entire universe is like that which the bubbles have to the great sea. We are a great net. Bubbles cannot be separated from the great sea. We all have affinities.