OMNI CNC – The Most Reliable Company to Offer 5 Axis CNC Router

The engraving industry has undergone a revolutionary change in recent times with tremendous technological and product modifications. 5 axis CNC Router is a very important innovation that finds its use across different industrial domains ranging from aerospace to instrumentation. Thanks to the ease of use and durability, it is one of the most preferred tools to accomplish diverse range of tasks. The router is creating huge fan following due to the ability to perform precision cutting with impeccable accuracy:

Range of Features

The device is equipped with a heavy duty gantry and machine table t to provide high speed across the 5 axes. It is used mainly for mould making and chiseling the wood to desired size and shape. The 5 Axis CNC router is also beneficial in plastic fabrication and GRP machining of the aerospace components. The products carved out with this machine are highly durable and of exact shape and size. In construction industry, this router is ideal for machining the wooden contours and surfaces.

In order to impart maximum straightness and rigidity, heavy duty welded steel frame is the best for use. It works with maximum accuracy and ensures higher productivity. Efficient design of the router is instrumental in preventing the spread of the debris on the floor. Furthermore, it also comprises oil mist cooling system to cut through non-ferrous metals, followed by Osai – PC interfaced Numerical Control System.

5 Axis CNC Router - OMNI CNC – The Most Reliable Company to Offer 5 Axis CNC Router

Some Common Applications

Omni-CNC holds wide recognition for manufacturing quality routers and the same holds for the flexible 5 Axis CNC router machines. Here are some of the common applications of this wonder router:

  • Mould making
  • Trimming of mouldings formed by vacuum
  • Composites and EPS
  • solid surface machining and contouring
  • Cutting of large-scale instruments
  • Rail wooden mold
  • Wooden ship model
  • Resin tooling board
  • 3-d surface engraving

Omni CNC – The Best Option

The forte of OMNI is the customized CNC solution catering to the specific requirements of the clients. Implementation of technology is a boon for this company as it helps its clients to increase the production and reduce the lead time. It not only reduces the overall cost but also helps clients to adapt to changes in the market. The company enables its users to produce high quality products at affordable cost to the user. The Enclosed machining area is the key to create machining composites, aluminum and many more materials. It is perhaps the highest performing machine in its class due to improved configuration.

The positive effect of 5 axis CNC router refuses to fade, as the instrument is perfectly suitable for various types of applications. The most important attributes of the router are the control and the drive system because they epitomize the skill sets and talents of the OMNI engineers.