Significant Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutters


With the addition of fiber laser cutting to the range of conventional laser cutters, metal fabricators now have more innovative options that can help them automate their shop floor. These powerful machines are now able to adapt easily into different industries, expanding their duty to metal fabricators all over the country. Furthermore, this new technology is especially beneficial for smaller contractors, many of which are opting to invest in fiber laser cutters as soon as they become available.

Learn how Lasers facilitate high-quality and efficient processes:

Laser cutting technology is a suitable tool for creating all shapes and sizes of components and is a more efficient and cost-effective metal fabrication method. When laser machining an intricate part, it will take the material being cut through proportionally less space due to its simple design – getting complicated parts off your manufacturing production line is beneficial for safety as well as worker efficiency.

tube laser cutting machine - Significant Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutters

With the benefit of machine learning on cutting equipment, laser beams can create complex and finished cuts on complex parts with minimal operator intervention. Sophisticated software and custom kerfs allow for tighter nesting of parts to maximize efficiency and minimize material waste.

Fiber laser cutter produces significant benefits:

There are significant benefits to fiber laser metal cutting techniques. Lasers help to eliminate the impact stress that can adversely affect sheet metal products during cutting, and beyond that, the heated zone is incredibly small. This means that the rest of the workpiece is exposed to little or no heat, preserving the properties of the material being handled, which is incredibly important.

Fiber lasers provide an efficient method of cutting without wasting sheet metal. These machines allow you to cut close together, which will decrease wasted sheet metal.

Fiber lasers offer the following advantages: the light propagating in the fibers is well shielded from the environment, they are compactly designed, have a large gain bandwidth, wide wavelength tuning ranges, and are ideal for many types of cutting procedures. Even more importantly, these lasers can operate at high power while being efficient.

They also have the ability to cut reflective materials without the risk of reflections causing damage to the machine, which allows metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum to be cut without issue. Fiber lasers are very thin and can be curved or even contoured around complicated shapes with up to 90° which is difficult with other machines that must follow the general form of the material being cut.

Prevent heat damage with the fiber laser cutter

The powerful laser emitted from a fiber laser cutter is one of the benefits of this machine. Machines like these allow for more precise cuts of steel compared to other types of cutting. In an industry, such as electronics, fiber lasers can be used to cut at a neat size without damaging any material that their components rely on.

Pinpoint precision with superior performance

Fiber machines offer significant benefits over many of their counterparts, including higher levels of beam quality and power densities.

As laser cutters consume less power, they are an economical alternative to hand-held slicing devices. Rather than damaging the blades of a handheld device over time, which can decrease its efficiency, fiber laser cutters offer lower energy continuums for our society’s sustainability.

Less Expensive

Fiber lasers are a robust technology that requires minimal maintenance and comes with significant benefits. These advantages include sustainable costs of both initial purchase and laser usage over the lifetime of the laser. In addition, the lens stays sealed within the cutting head making for fewer headaches.

Higher Electrical Efficiency

The fiber optic laser cutter uses much less power than the CO2 laser. This not only enhances your company’s bottom line but also saves additional costs since it requires far less maintenance. The benefit of lower energy use extends to both the lifespan of the laser machine and your business objectives as well.

tube panel cutting machine - Significant Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutters

​​Boost in Cutting Speed

With fiber optic laser cutting, you’ll have higher cutting speeds with time-efficient results. Fiber-optic systems are rapidly popularizing across various industries whereas with traditional lasers investments in maintenance consume a large chunk of the total expense needed to run a laser business.

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