Cabinet Makers traditionally use a panel saw combined with a manual router, hand drill, point-to-point or any combination of these items to produce cabinets.

Well, it is rather easily to get error, and then cause wasting on material and time, increasing lost which should be avoided.

Also, sometimes you may find two parts can not match together well when operator assemble it and need to fix it again, which is wasting time and labor.

How to avide these unnecessary lost? You need cabinet making CNC router to make do it right, fast at high precision!

OMNI CNC router allows you to improve production time and quality

as well as material yield, utilizing just one machine and the right software system.

OMNI cnc router is with Less floor space is required as the CNC Router is not much bigger than the sheet it is cutting.

The operator only needs to handle the full sheet once to load the machine, and then remove the perfectly cut parts when complete.

When the parts are removed from the machine they are ready for assembly.

So it is no worry about error causing, lower precision and re-do work causing. cabinet making CNC router offer you best solution!

With OMNI cnc router, you could process cabinet boxes, doors, drawer fronts, shelves etc.

So you have more staff for assembly and installation work. Everything is automated so parts fit together perfectly and construction and shelf holes are in the right place.

For this application we recommend the following machines, click following product name for details:

Basic Type CNC Router , also called entry level cnc woodworking router machine. (Suitable for small shop or new to cnc)

This type is the basic model you should choose, it is the most favorable model if you are new to cnc router or have limited budget because its competitive price and affordable quality.

ATC Type CNC Router (Suitable for high volume production)

It is the perfect model for flat material processing.

  • Auto tool-changer magazine holds 8 pcs of units, will take the shortest path between any two tools, allowing the quickest change times possible.
  • The tool-changer eliminates the need for the operator to stop the machine to change tools manually, allowing the program to continue uninterrupted.
  • Syntec control system: International Advanced total new conception CNC control system.
    –PC Platform Control System
    -Waterproof design
    –Inner Open PLC, Macro
    –Auto File Saving Function While Power Off
    –Support MPG
    –Ethernet, USB Support

Cabinet Casegoods Door CNC Router ( Perfect option if you have enough budget)

It is ideally suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs, etc.

Designed to meet diverse and complicated processing requirements, highly versatile with routing, drilling,cutting, side milling, sawing and other functions.

Which CNC router is best for me?

The level of automation depends on the requirements of the customer.

Smaller cabinet shops will just need a Basic type cnc router; however for medium to large shops we offer a range of options to further increase throughput, suggest atc type or cabinet casegoods door cnc router.

And we suggest you choose following functions additionally:

• Sheet loading, check the video: cnc router with uploading system

• Linear Tool Changer or Carousel type tool changer cnc router, check following videos

• Sheet alignment pop-up pins, check videos

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