10 CNC Router Machine Frequently Asked Questions

CNC Router

In its hey days, CNC was an innovation modified to fit current machines. Today, the manufacturers retrofit the CNC router innovation to different machine tools yet numerous machines serve the sole purpose of being the CNC machines. If you know what you need to produce, and you will have a finer comprehension of what kind of CNC router machine you require. CNC router machines fill extremely different needs, and what they build can be quite distinctive. Here are some trending FAQs about CNC Router Machines that will solve many queries and confusions in your mind.

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1. What is a CNC Router Machine?

The CNC router machining is a procedure utilized as a part of the manufacturing industry. This includes the application of computers to manage the machine tools. Tools that one can handle with its help include incorporating mills, lathes, grinders, routers and more.

The CNC technology acts as the driving force behind the functioning of an assortment of new machinery and technologies. Notably, CNC router is one of the prevalent machines utilized in this type. At first glance, it might resemble typical computer controls in the machines. However, in fact, this unique programming and control console makes the framework special for use in CNC machining.

CNC router lessens waste and increments efficiency thus creating various things in a significantly shorter time than other machines.

2. What are the Types of CNC Router Machines?

Actually, from the aspect of CNC axis, there are 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis even 6 axis CNC machine.

  • A 3 axis cuts materials in a 3-dimensional form and is restricted to the depth in a few dimensions.
  • In 4 axis CNC router machines, the turntable is appended to either the cutting bed or spindle head may pivot in an additional plane.
  • A 5 axis CNC router means that the spindle can rotate in 2 additional planes. You can see this well in the picture to the left.
  • Both 4 and 5 axis CNC routers are able to cut a precise 3D part.

Though costly, these machines are highly approved with rapid prototyping and artistic applications. To operate them, the user should possess adept knowledge of specific controllers and software. A prior training to use various controls of the CNC router would be a further plus.

Here are some more types of CNC router machines depending on their application.

  • From the aspect of manufacturing industries, you could invest in high-efficiency industrial CNC router machines, which are suitable for bulk or batch production.
  • Moving over, OMNI ATC CNC router is another utilitarian machine, popular with sign & graphic, woodworking shop, education training school, which suffices smaller size production requirement.
  • Hobby CNC router is the third kind of machine preferred by the users. According to OMNI experience, the popular model is OMNI6090. Many hobbyists love this model as their trial operation.

Fundamentally, there exist different kinds of CNC router machines with diverse functionalities suiting various needs of the buyers: These include:

i. Router

A CNC router is a general kind of CNC machine technology. Generally, it does not have any human interface as it operates through the computer. Besides, CNC routers with 4, 5 or even 6-axis are also available in the market. Mostly routers find their use in producing bigger dimension parts alongside cutting wood, plastics, sheet metal, etc.

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ii. 3D Printers

3D printers utilize CNC technology and operate on the CNC lasers technology. Rather than commencing with a hard piece of material and evacuating its portions to wind up with the needed part, the 3D printer begins with a blank canvas.

iii. EPS Shaping CNC Router

This Polystyrene shaping CNC router (or Styrofoam CNC router) has a diversified, easy to control manually, power processing speed. The speed of the roll setting and idle running has highly advanced the quality of prepared products.

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The parts used in this type of machine impart equal power in every direction on engraving, which further ensures the precision and durability of the machine.

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iv. CNC Router Combined Rotary Device

This Rotary device combined/4th axis adjunct CNC router suits column. It is best for engraving, flat material cutting, and carving. Additionally, you could also mount a smaller size rotary device on the working table for column cutting.

v. Pneumatic Tool Change CNC Router

This easy to use multi-head CNC Router helps the spindle combined control for multi-head from 2 pcs to 8pcs. It can deliver a command to spindles to run in tandem. Additionally, it can operate the same way as the CNC router with an auto tool changer.

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vi. Synchronized Multi-Spindle CNC Router

This CNC router machine has a maximum 12 pcs of spindles, which implies that you could work on 12 pcs of the workpiece simultaneously. It minimizes vibration when the spindle operates on solid material and guarantees the processing precision.

vii. 4 Axis CNC Router

Built for extreme efficiency, a 4-axis CNC router allows the double CNC router tables for constant generation and complete cutting time. It is easy to load and off-load the table without any interference. Likewise, a wood CNC router has great durability and versatility.

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viii. 5 Axis CNC Machine

The rotary axes of 5 axis machine permit substantially more compact machining to deliver parts. The 5-axis CNC router comes along with an additional heavy-duty gantry and machine table for highest rigidity and power to offer high-velocity machining in every 5-axis.

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3. What is the size of CNC Router Machine?

Most Versatile CNC Router

The high-speed with 3-Axis motion controller is the most versatile CNC router machine to use for plastic, woodworking, stone, composite and non-ferrous metal. It is a buildup of solid steel frame structure and is a budget-friendly model. Here are several other CNC routers with their respective sizes.

ATC CNC Router

These routers have an automatic tool changing function and are ripe for use in manufacturing industries for wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer desks, furniture, mahjong tables, etc. The system uses dual Y-axis micro stepping.

Multi-Head CNC Router

This series of CNC router machine supports spindle integrated control for multi-head from 2 to 8 pcs. It can deliver the command to spindles to run in tandem. Users can set various tool paths for several spindles (cutters). The second spindle can automatically start working once the first spindle completes its work.

These CNC router machines are available in different sizes to choose from, which are as follows – and more size are customized for the option.

  • 4×4 CNC ROUTER
  • 2×3 CNC ROUTER
  • 4×8 CNC ROUTER
  • 5×10 CNC ROUTER
  • 6×10 CNC ROUTER

4. What does CNC Router Machine do?

As a CNC system activates, and with the correct code programmed to the machine, the functions will work as indicated by the software. The function is directed to corresponding hardware and tools, which work much like a robot, do the jobs as determined. Fundamentally, CNC machining makes it conceivable to pre-program the velocity and position of machine tool capacities and run them through software in predictable, monotonous cycles, all with little inclusion from human administrators.  The machine also makes the required concealed cuts at different levels and edges on a workpiece with efficiency and precision within a few minutes. Because of these features, users from varied manufacturing industries have embraced it willingly

5. What Materials will the CNC Router Machine Cut?

A CNC router can work as a replacement for a handheld router to cut different materials. It has a wide scope of uses regardless of the material you are operating on. Whichever material you pick, a CNC router will have similar advantages; the fundamental ones being unrivaled automation and productivity.

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As you can see, you can cut through a distinct variety of materials with this machine, including plywood, hardwood, steel, aluminum, composites, metals, acrylic, plastic, foam, and fiberglass as depicted in the image here.

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6. What Machines does a CNC Router Replace?

A CNC router can achieve the specific jobs of various workshop machines and hence, can be a decent replacement for various machines, like a boring machine, spindle molder, planer, and panel saw.CNC routers have also typically replaced the use of pattern or pin routers. The application of CNC router machine also eliminates the use of many types of equipment as we discover more methods for the CNC to perform the task. Few of this equipment include line borer, drill press, conventional and plunge routers, planers, band saw, scroll saw, and the beam saw.

7. How does a CNC Router differ from a Handheld Router?

Here are some pointers to differentiate the CNC Router from the handheld router.

1. Fast Working Engine Framework: CNC routers move along three axes (X-Y-Z) using a three-engine drive framework. The handheld routers accompany single cutting head, which is not at all like CNC routers and can have up to five cutting heads. In this manner, with CNC routers you can deliver intricate woodwork in profusion.

2. Precise Performance: Handheld router may not convey the precision as delivered by their CNC counterparts. In the handheld router, an engine running from 6 to 12 amps sits over a stage that slides over the material you are cutting; it stretches out a bit beneath. These routers tend to jolt and run away.

3. Safe & Reliable: CNC routing is ideal for cutting hard surfaces in order to minimize the danger of human mistake. It is a smart thought to perform air cuts before running the genuine cut. Due to computerized nature of the CNC machines, they hold a widespread preference in carpentry activities that need the large-scale manufacturing of precise items. They are fit for creating profoundly definite work in a brief span.

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Top-grade CNC router machines are perfect for industrial level applications and come at a higher cost. Nevertheless, the handheld router leads to wearing out of the router before the ideal time.

Hence, in the long run, handheld routers will cost more in repairs than the cost given for purchasing a top-grade CNC router. Notwithstanding the ease and precision, it ensures, CNC router machines require unique training to work on, and perform way ahead of the handheld routers. Thus, the CNC router machine thus comes out as an ideal choice in terms of cost and efficiency both.

8. How to Maintain the CNC Router Machine?

Maintenance of a CNC router is quick and simple. If performed regularly, you’ll improve execution, less spontaneous downtime and increase your machine’s general life. Following the manufacturer’s prescribed maintenance rules will further enable you to pursue and perform customary protection support undertakings on your machine.

Here are five general maintenance guidelines to keep different parts of the CNC router machine up to date and make it work efficiently:

1. Regular cleanliness & Maintenance: CNC routers are perfect to use for heavy industrial applications hence they need proper cleaning every day. This helps to avoid any form of chips or fluids that will get absorbed into controls and bearings. Power must be connected adequately, accurately and securely, as per the local power controls.

2. Vacuum Pumps: The vacuum pumps and control box have air filters and need regular replacement. Maximum machines need pneumatic air to work. It should be spotless, dry and keep up a relentless weight more than 6 bar or 80 PSI.

3. Connectors: By turning off the machine, you will decrease the risk of burning the connectors. This will keep your machine and its users, duly secure from sudden power surges.

4. Other Machine Parts: Pumps, bearings, and oscillating blades require normal and right lubrication. Usually, lubrication should be a monthly affair. Use WD40 to clean deeply the lead screws and ball nuts fixings. Damaged or worn out cover nuts, collets, and tools affect the cut quality. So, check for broken parts in the machine and change these parts every 3 to 6 months. Make sure to replace your belts once every two years.

5. All 3 axis Gear: Fourth and fifth axis gear assemblies must be properly cleaned and greased properly. Also, adjust the backlash on every axis.

9. Where to Buy a CNC Router Machine?

When thinking to invest in robust and proficient CNC router machines it is advisable to buy from a reliable source. Both new and second-hand CNC router machines are available in the market. Talking about geographic precincts, in Australia, you can opt to buy from Thermawood famous for CNC router in the country, whereas in North America can buy from manufacturers. You can buy any CNC machine according to your budget and requirements.

Additionally, if budget is an issue, importing CNC router machine from China is a great alternative as well. It will be a right decision, as you will get the machine at a one-third price with average build quality. Now in order to find out a trustworthy source, it is better to keep these points in mind before investing.

1. Company’s whereabouts: Know when the company was founded by going through its domain name. In addition, you can get the complete info getting the QR code from the company; scan it to know the complete company profile.

2. Check Reputation: To buy CNC router machine directly from manufacturers check the company’s review on its social media platforms. Like a Facebook profile page, twitter or watch the vlogs on YouTube to have precise details of its product and quality. You can also the appropriate reviews about CNC router machines from CNC zone forum. It is an acknowledged forum preferably by CNC route machines users. So, check it out before buying a CNC router.

3. Avoid fraudsters: Beware of the companies that are registered in Hong Kong or other sites, and call themselves as manufacturers in China, since they copy images from other companies’ machines.

4. Talk to engineer: Consult the sales engineer of the company to know about the product in personal and detail. You can have live chat with them.

5. Read testimonials: Also, review the testimonials of the company’s existing and previous clients.

You can easily buy any kind of CNC router machine as per your requirement. Notably, Omni CNC is the best in the business in China. One of the superior and high-quality CNC router machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, the company leads by examples. It designs, builds, and manufactures an abundance of high-performance yet low-maintenance computer regulated CNC routers. The range of CNC machines at the company comprises:

10. Why Buy from Omni CNC?

Omni CNC is the CNC router manufacturer to serve the industry of all scopes. The range of machines produced by the company is versatile, durable, and cost-effective. Some prominent ones include the high-repeatability laser enabled CNC router cutting, engraving machines. The machines have a vast variety of functions and applications.

The machines from this manufacturer are perhaps the best to minimize the material waste and avoid the chances of costly errors. The Omni CNC routers ease out any of your doubts while purchasing, thanks to their efficiency and appreciable reduction in labor cost they ensure. As for operating it, the company also provides installation training to all its customers worldwide. Hence, even if you are not familiar with router machines, the company will make you familiar with its parts and functioning.

There is an Omni CNC router machine for every job, project, and shop!

To know further about its collection, you can always click through the Omni CNC Router Machine Catalogue.