A Concise Guide to Help You Build an Ideal Closet

Build an Ideal Closet

Every person on the earth has different tastes and preferences about their likings. A closet is one of those personal inclusions where people like to put their interventions for giving a personal touch. You can give complete refreshment to your closet and all you need is to know from where to start? The idea of a perfect closet is different for everyone.

Obviously, measurements play a crucial role in designing a closet. Many more indulged factors also contribute equally to the dimensions. Ultimately, the finished closet should be well-organized to manage and arrange the belongings. This will help you to simplify your everyday routines.

Some Major Prerequisites

Carefully measuring your available space is one thing. In addition, you need to incorporate many more storage requirements and should have sufficient floor space. Moreover, if you possess some basic carpentry skills, you can build a closet in any room you wish for. Perhaps, a quick guide will help you to perform every step carefully. The processes of planning, designing and building are completely different for every closet. Therefore, if you are carrying an overview in your mind, it can be a bit easier for you to configure the real requirement.

How to Design a Closet? What are the Measures That You Should Follow While Designing a Closet

Your closet is much more than being just a configuration of square boxes, it gives your space meaning and likewise, means a lot for your space. Knowing about the steps to create in detail is hence important.

  • The foremost of these steps is to build a closet frame. Make sure to fasten the frame to the surrounding walls that you have selected.
  • Next, trim the door openings and install them as per your selections.
  • Further, the rod, drawers, and shelving will help you to get personal customization to your closet.

A single wall of built-ins is easier than a whole room for your closet. In the run, you will need to check how many walls you are incorporating into your closet design. The most difficult challenge is to install it perfectly into your targeted space.

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Planning to Build a Closet

Planning anything needs some measurements. You can either use a computer or draft a sketch plan manually. Assess your needs and the availability of space for the same. Before drawing the design of your closet, you should balance everything from designing to your storage requirements.

You need to be reasonable for everything you expect with your settled closet. After considering the items to store in the closet, find out how much space the asset will need to get stored. Try to abide by certain essential considerations like:

  • Define his and her side in your closet.
  • Choose between drawers and hanging storage.
  • Identify if you need jewelry drawers.
  • Optimize your accommodation for dresses, suits, and coats.
  • Select between hanging and folding the ties.

Include the items as much as you can and make sure not to leave anything behind while making a list of the goods that you want to store in the closet. Additionally, don’t forget to create some customized space for your specific needs as well.

Measure the Space and Identify the Structure of the Wall

It is wise to prepare a floor plan before building the closet if you haven’t worked on it yet. Collect the dimensions of the room and make a proper note of doors and windows in the room. The floor plan also includes the light switches, air vents and almost every other thing necessary to give the closet an ideal appearance. Be very specific and vigilant while collecting these details, as this will serve your entire closet building. Your minor lack can swamp your design and ruin your entire efforts.

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As per your storing requirement, start designing the closet and storage areas. Divide the logical sections and create a proper design option on your floor plan. Consider as many designs as you can. The best design is the one that can cover all the aspects of your requirements. It should also help you to banish everyday struggle with articles of clothing.

Though it depends on the length of each wall, it is better to separate the built-in sections in order to define the need properly. Next, decide the functions of every section that you want them to perform. To end your closet building process, you can think to choose among drawers, shelves, hanging storage and so on. The motive is to utilize every space of your closet. Don’t forget to give your hangers space if you are choosing hanging sections in your closet.

Finalize the Style of the Closet

Immaterial of the elegance of your design, you should plan it perfectly by considering all the relevant factors. You will definitely not like the surprises after building your closet done and you won’t be happy either if your clothes don’t fit into your closet. Many points are essential to consider before planning and styling the closet. Here is a quick look at few of them to elaborate the need of your closet:

1. Styles of the Closet

Styling of the closet starts from managing various clothes and assets. From the long, usual, formal, party wear, shorts, picnic wears to other accessories, you can accommodate many more items into your closet. The different styles may include:

  • Walk-in closets
  • Reach-in closets
  • Wardrobes and armoires

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2. Wardrobes and Armoires

First, decide the size of the closet you want, as this will help you to divide the wardrobes and armoires. Don’t get carried away by seeing a tempting big wall to design the large closet without considering the relevant usages of the same.

Once you are clear about the requirement of your hanging space, a small area can give you sufficient room. Additionally, if you are opting for a full-wall closet, you can avoid wastage of your money significantly.

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3. Organization

The best way of organizing the clothes in the closet is to group them in similar size groups. This will help you to utilize every inch of the closet. By hanging similar size clothes together, you can have ample spare space. Arrange your accessories in separate sections in order to hang the top rod high. The closet will have enough space between the bottom and second rod.

4. Ergonomics

Focus on designing the closet more ergonomically. None wants to crawl and sit on knees for finding their required ones. Keep your regular usages findings within your reach where you can find them without bothering much. You can do a smart move by positioning shelves above the hanging space, as it will work more ergonomically. If you want to store folded clothes in your closet, keep the width at 12 inches around and make it around 14 inches deep.

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5. Drawers

Making drawers can add price to your built-in closet; it further restricts your creativity with space. It is better to place the sweaters and T-shirts on open shelves where you can see them easily. Being resourceful with your spaces and rooms would be beneficial in this respect.

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6. Add More Storage

The best utilization of any space belongs to acquiring every inch of the same. You can surely achieve full utilization of the space by hanging your clothes. Additionally, there is obviously a little point of folding the clothes and putting them into the shelves. Instead of using deep spaces for hanging clothes, prefer to fold the clothes. The deep drawers under the bed can be useful for putting shoes and all. This will also help you to find them easily whenever needed.

7. Smarter Ways

If you have tight space and some of your items are yet to settle, you should use your wit for storing them. Be it your regular shelves, slide-out shelves or drawers, you can’t suffocate your clothing with your shoes and ties, etc. The drawer must allow you to use the full depth of the closet to put your shoes from where easy access is available. Clever accessory storage is another idea to be smarter while building the closet as selective storing is always better for managing your accessories in the closet. Don’t let similar things optimize more than one section of your closet. For a few light accessories like ties, belts, and scarves, you can flap them on the backside of the hinged door.

Tools Required for Making a Closet

CNC Machines of modern times are a hit when it comes to creating attractive closets with innovative designs. CNC routers from Omni CNC, for instance, can be of great help in the creation of engaging carvings for closets, cabinets door panels, cutouts, etc. Omni CNC brings forth you two prominent machines to help you stunningly designed closet:

1. ATC CNC Router

The automatic tool changing function makes ATC router handy in manufacturing a beautiful wooden closet. Besides, you can also use it to create computer desks, cabinet doors, tables, and so on.

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2. Cabinetry & Casegoods Making CNC Router

This CNC router is the best to produce nested based custom furniture, cabinets, and closets. Its high-speed, heavy-duty and automatic load/unload system saves considerable time and labor.

In addition, you can choose any other CNC router of your preference depending on your requirement. The automatic nature of these machines will set you free from doing the tedious tasks of drilling, side milling, cutting, routing, and several other functions manually.

Materials Used for Creating the Closet?

Here are a few required materials to build a closet:

  • Shelving Material: It comes handy in the building of your entire closet building. You can buy some extra of it to fulfill the additional requirements cropping up later on.
  • Brackets: Calculate brackets, clips, and anchors. Going for the recommendations is good; don’t hesitate to have a surplus of them.
  • Screws and Drywall Anchors: They are necessary to embrace your overall building process.
  • Paint or Stain: Give a final touch to your construction by paint or stain. This will complete your closet’s look.

Nevertheless, if you own a CNC router, it is sufficient for your cause. You won’t require buying any additional material or tool to execute your closet making task. Browsing through the official website of Omni CNC will give you come intuitive ideas about CNC routers. Its advanced, automatic and time-saving machines are worth using for creating closet, cabinet, wooden doors and similar other items without hassles.

What are Closet Designing Tips?

Irrespective of the detailed homework done on building a closet, every tiny detailing of the construction needs careful inspection to get the perfect piece done. Here are a few useful tips that may help you in your next construction –

1. Prioritize Your Space

The foremost important tip is to prioritize your space as per your storage requirement. It is better to arrange the space in various terms like hanging and folding clothes. You will end up spoiling your efforts if the organization is not well.

2. Create Noticeable Dividers for Folded Clothes

If you wish to have a separate space for folded clothes in the closet, make sure you are giving a sufficient gap between them. The noticeable divides will help to avoid any mess of those clothes. Additionally, the easy view will again let you stay away from the bustles of searching.

3. Arrange by Colors or Styles

You can make your preparation time a little easier by arranging your closet by colors and styles. The color-coordinated profile of your closet will look nice and your style-based approach will talk about your perfection of arranging the clothing.

4. Measurement for Space

At the time of measuring the required space, you should measure the things all again without generalizing the fact. Measure the hanging items from the top of the hook of the hanger to the bottom of the item.

Final Words

Building a closet becomes easier if you are carrying some helpful suggestions. This guide will surely help you to define your space and arrange it perfectly in your newly built closet. A smart decision would be to buy a CNC router if you building wooden furniture like cabinets, closets, etc., is your core business. Omni CNC is an ideal place to invest in if you plan to buy any such wonder machine.

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