What Type of Closet Doors is in Style?

House Owners adore storage space in their homes and especially when the closet is the center of the conversation. In spite of this, the closet remains a forgotten feature in a home decor set-up. Indeed, closets are a vital feature of any house; moreover, one cannot risk keeping essential articles in the open for everyone to see.

This is the reason why designers claim that they know what purpose a wardrobe serves at home. However, while getting one should understand that a linen closet does not serve the same needs as a bedroom closet.

Perhaps, for this reason, designers say that the type of door that a user chooses for their closet should be one-of-a-kind. As it not only enhances the usage of the closet but also maintains the flow of the design in the room. On similar lines, one should know about the different types of doors available in the market because they will help them in designing a home of their dreams.

Why Style the Closet?

Despite all this, people rarely consider thinking of designing their closet door. However, why not give it a thought for the same? Why will a person want to miss out on a chance to add a unique look to augment their beautiful bedroom?

Of course, no one wants to leave any area unused and especially by a door; still, these doors are a crucial characteristic of the bedroom and help in hiding the extra storage and items of your closet.

As the case may be, starting new may require more than just a brush of paint. It will need the designer to brainstorm the design to find that one closet motif to complement the style of the room. Further, when going for a professional experience, it will be beneficial to hire a professional door installer for the installation process. A pro will be able to guide on how a sliding door can work on the wall or the requirement of the change in the door.

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Apart from that, there are many options available in the market when one wants to create an out-of-box design for their closet, which can be an upgrading factor for their bedroom. In addition to that, there are many other DIY options for decorating the closet door that will enhance the style of the wardrobe in no time.

Types of Closet Doors

As the saying goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth,”; the same can be said about the options. Immersing yourself into this can lead to utter confusion, hence, making it difficult to realize what type of closet door one should go about.

Nevertheless, this article has got you covered! To make it uncomplicated, with the recommendation of experts, here is a list of a few closet doors for every room in the house; let’s have a look at them.

  • Sliding Barn Door
  • French door
  • Modern glass door
  • Mirror door
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Louvered door
  • Wallpapered door
  • Panel door

Sliding Barn Door:

A sliding barn closet door is a great way to save space in a room. These doors don’t fold out like traditional doors, thus, creating an instant and more usable space. If an owner is a lover of a rustic look, a sliding barn closet door is the thing to convert a dream into a reality. For an alternative, if ever there is a difficulty in finding a barn door, a user can opt for a distressed wood door.

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Usually, with this kind of door, there are two options. The first is to have a door slides into the wall, perhaps a pocket door. This option disappears into the wall, thus, making it entirely out of the way when needed. But this kind of work will require some restructuring of the wall itself, which means that the owner has to consult a professional.

The other option is to hand the door with a closet door roller kit; in this, the door slides outside of the wall. This is a common sliding barn door and could be well seen at many local hardware stores. Further, this includes everything required to hang the closet door. However, one should make sure that the user should use a kit that meets all the specifications of a sliding door, including its weight requirements.

French Door:

If there was a room update an owner could think of, then it is a French door! French doors for a closet is something that compels the user to get this at least in one of the rooms for their closet.

These doors open outward into the room, thus evacuating a sufficient amount of space for the user to look through the closet. These doors can be made more specific and personalized by trying to add a bit of molding to the door. One can frame it further or paint it sleek white, which helps in keeping the French closet doors clean and timeless.

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Modern Glass Door:

The modern glass door is the closet door which allows a user to give their wardrobe a modern yet contemporary look. Apart from these doors, frosted glass sliding doors are also an option for homeowners who want to hide their storage space with the thought of providing a new look for their room. Moreover, layered glass also works well here. That can be often used for framing it as a traditional door with wood.

Acrylics can be used to minimize the damage to the glass of the closet door. Acrylic offers a similar look, but due to its variety, it becomes essential for the user to select the right one.

Mirror Door:

There is so much to be said about the style of a mirror closet door that can be added to uplift the beauty of a bedroom. However, a pro tip to follow is that one should get mirrors that can be good enough to see the entire outfit.

By doing this, one can have the surety that they are looking great whenever they are going out. Besides, it can also add light and decor to the bedroom. Perhaps, having the old and outdated accordion mirror can also serve the purpose of a vintage mirror closet door. Doors with incorporated mirrors into the woodwork of the door are trendy and add the perfect amount of light into the room.

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Chalkboard Paint:

This is a wardrobe tailor-made for kids. The chalkboard paint enables the person to transform the closet door to a blackboard just by applying the chalkboard paint. However, one can only use it as a blackboard only after 48 hours of applying the paint.

Chalkboard paint can be easily bought from your local hardware store, and it can be applied quite smoothly within a matter of a few hours. It is a fresh and innovative idea for a kid’s room.

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Louvered Door:

This door has a resemblance of a shutter, quite striking to an accordion closet door. This kind of door allows enough passage of air and light through the closet, thus, making sure that the clothes remain fresh. Moreover, for modification purposes, one can opt for designs that come with decorative panels.

Choosing louvered closet doors made of wood allows the owner to add more warmth in the space. Further, these doors are easy to maintain and require dust spray or a duster to clean them off.

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Wallpapered Door:

This is an inexpensive and easy way to improve the look of the closet door. The use of wallpaper is a feeling which one has regarding their wardrobe. With endless designs, colors, and designs, these wallpapers are easy to apply and remove, thus making it ideal for people who rent a space and are restricted from changing their given closet.

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Panel Door:

Even though double closet doors offer a great view, a single panel door is not a wrong choice to opt for. This kind of door is quite similar to the one in a house. Further, it has a striking resemblance to the regular bedroom door. But unlike that one, this will not take up space each time the user swings it to get access to the closet.

Moreover, the user can use this door as a decorative surface to amplify the beauty of the room. One can also use a mirror to produce some glow in a small room and also make it look bigger than it is.

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Upgrading and Finishing for the Closet:

After knowing what kind of door a user needs, the most critical step is to understand what type of finishing should be used on the closet door to make it look attractive. Here are a few of them tom help the user out, check them out:

Spray Frost:

For a bedroom with enormous sliding mirrored closet doors, spraying frost paint is an upgrade. One does not necessarily remove the doors, despite their outdated nature; they make the room look bigger. Further, they are a great way to check out the outfit from head to toe before leaving for anywhere.

Rather, paying a visit to a home improvement center for a can of frosted glass spray paint will work wonders for the outdated model. Using a painter’s tape or stencils to block off the portions of the mirror can be handy. Furthermore, applying light coats of spray frost and letting the spray dry between each coat helps the users to get the desired output.

Once done, the user can remove the stencil to check the updated closet door.

Faux Trim:

This is another method to upgrade a closet. Using a faux “trim,” one can complement any formal or traditional decorating of their closet.

It is one of the most uncomplicated processes. The user has just to use a painter’s tape to block off a rectangular inset on the door; after doing this, the user needs to cover the entire surface with a user’s favorite coat of paint. Once the paint is dry, the user should remove the tape just to see their closet door getting a touch of elegance.

Stain Finishes:

This is one of the most popular ways to finish in this new era of interior designing. This finish gives the closet a warm, classic look that adds a traditional atmosphere. Usually, stains are popular for solid wood doors or particularly for the wood grain. Stains are also available in multiple colors.

While purchasing, one should always look for recommendations from manufacturers to know the appropriate stain for their use. Moreover, one should make sure they get trim colors if they get stained during the process.

Paint Finishes:

Yet, it is another way to add charm to a closet and the interiors. To get a contemporary feel or to get a better match for the existing trim and the wall colors, house owners most often use this finish to get the desired result.

Homeowners most often paint their interior doors when hoping for a contemporary feel or to better match existing trim or wall colors. Many hollow-core doors often come primed with a white base coat, requiring the owner to paint that type of interior door. Check with your door manufacturer to see what finishing options they suggest for the specific door you have selected.

As mentioned earlier, a closet is entirely personal. Hence, one should design it in order of their expectations. This is the reason why this guide has been provided, and this will clear the user on which type of door one should opt for and what kind of finish should be used to get the closet ready.

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