4-axis CNC Router from OMNITECH is ideal for 3d processing. The gantry-moving-high-productivity router is most useful for cutting façade plates in the building sector. The technology which enables this versatility is the vertical electro spindles and or horizontal electro spindles with arc adjustment. Several materials such as non-ferrous metals, composites (aluminum used for building facades) and foam for prototyping derive the maximum benefit from the 4-axis CNC Router. The 1325 OMNI 4-axis model has Italian pedigree due to its ISO30 9kw (kilowatt) spindle. Ceramic bearings can withstand high temperatures. The spindle rotates plus or minus 135 degrees on the C axis.

With the addition of automatic tool change magazine (ATC) to the 1325 Router, the CNC machine becomes a tool from another dimension. The ATC magazine holds eight pieces of units and the programming ensures theshortest path between any two tools. This addition allows the routing operations to continue without any interruption for tool changes.

In the YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQMgkl54eOA) the foam curving operation is a classic example of conversion of circular arcs into splines.Tangential arcs allow the OMNI-CNC machine in defining smooth arcs due to treating routing process into several segments. The series of arcsrepresent the curve beautifully in the foam molding video. The principle behind the curve surface is a combination of lines and arcs.

The router is robust in construction made out of stress relieved tubular hardened steel. The machine’s rigidity enables high-quality cuts. The OMNI CNC Router uses digital brushless AC servo motors to control the cutting motion that gives smooth profiling. With options such as mist sprayer (ideal for processing aluminum composites) as well as a dust collector (protects the environment, people and the CNC machine mainly working on wood and plastic) the accessories take CNC routing to another level.