A quick glance at the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKl7ELxnr1o) gives an idea of a lattice configuration. The video is fleeting, but the intent is clear. Breaking this design into the basics involves a two-dimensional pattern appearing as a three-dimensional lattice-like arrangement. Repeating identical copy of the plan to form rows and columns establishes the rhythm. Made from MDF board the model represents a classical Asian architectural element.

The process of machining is via a CNC Router. In the video, the Router is a basic type woodworking CNC router from the famed house of CNC manufacturing entity OMNITECH in China. The design is ancient, but the process of machining belongs to the 21st Century.The plan involves full carving in 3 dimensions. The simultaneous motion of the x, y, and Z-axesfollow thepath at right angles. In the video the edges are linear. The OMNI-CNC machine is capable of defining complex curves due to the advanced CAD designing as well as the software built into the machine

The 1328 model is an industry leading selling CNC Router worldwide. Equipped with a powerful 4.6 kW spindle, the Router handles cutting and milling operations at a phenomenal speed. The router’s tool calibration sensor is a standard feature that allows the longer life of the tool bits. Vacuum switches provide the operator to change from full sheet processing to smaller object processing. Separate valves control each vacuum zone. The hold-down ability for large and small objects gives multi-functionality to the Router. The lattice type design in the video is an exercise in geometry. Although the approach to vectoring is mathematical, the design is similar to nature’s way of looking through the maze of leaves. The best description of the design is it is simple and complex at the same time sort of the yin and yang.

Omni 1328 CNC Router - Creating Yin and Yang Masterpieces by CNC Machining