For a machine that is capable of cutting metal or non-metal plates such as stainless steel or carbon steel the process of cutting cardboard or making holes or pattern cutting on cardboard is a very simple task. What needs to be observed is the finish imparted to the cutting edge of the cardboard. The versatile machine that can do this task is the OMNI CNC Metal and Non-Metal Laser Cutting machine.

Check out the video (,) that shows off the impressive ability to drill holes in cardboard with such accuracy that is beyond comprehension. The responsible element in the machine is 130 watt (also available as 150W) sealed CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser that commands an accuracy of plus or minus one-twentieth of a millimeter.

Laser cutting by CNC machine involves motion control system of the lasing device to follow G-code of the tool path. The lasing beam is focused at the material (in the video it is cardboard) that vaporizes away the cardboard leaving behind a high quality edged finish.

CNC Laser Machines - Cardboard Innovation Using CNC Laser Machines

CO2 lasers are used in industrial cutting for prototyping packaging material which allows quick sampling before final production. As an example the use of lasers in the manufacture of advertising display modules has greatly revolutionized display elements in brick and mortar establishments. CO2 lasers can cut through several materials which include aluminum, stainless steel, wood, plywood, cardboard, plastics and fabrics.

The OMNI CNC laser machine is available in two models – We also offer OMNI

•  The OMNI 1390 andThe OMNI 1325 model.

Both of these models have a working speed of 600 mm per secondand are equipped with protective systems as well as water cooling equipment. Laser cut edges are crisp and the results can be stunning as can be seen in this origami patter on cardboard. Today cardboard furniture is witnessing innovation in design as can be seen in these samples.

Cardboard Origami and Cardboard Chair - Cardboard Innovation Using CNC Laser Machines

Cardboard Origami and Cardboard Chair