The OMNI-CNC 5-axis CNC Router is another example of technology leadership in the manufacture of affordable routers. The multi-axis capability of this machining tool is versatile. The 5-axis router is suited for production projects involving cutting, drilling, trimming projects from all angles.

5 Axis CNC Router 1 1 1500x630 - Understanding Somesalient Features About 5-Axis Routers

What is Meant by 5-axis?

It is the ability of the CNC Router to move a tool or a part on five different axes. They can operate all at the same time or in combination. In 3-axis routers machining centers move the object in two directions (the X-axis and the Y-axis) while the tool moves in an upward and downward movement (the Z-axis) In the 5-axis routers two rotary axes help the cutting tool subtract material from all angles.

Where is 5-Axis Router Used?

When the 5-axis machines came into the market, there was much hypeabout two or more axes moving at the same time.Now it is as common as a basic 3-axis router. It is ideal for making machining molds as the 5-axis technology is just furthering the multi-axis standard configuration. It needs common sense and technical expertise on the part of the manufacturer such as OMNICNC from China. They have a thorough understanding of the technology of CNC and conscious of their market position as leaders in the manufacturing of affordable CNC routers they have embarked on 5-axis routers. The gantry moving 5-axis CNC Router is a prime example of OMNICNC’s leadership status. The high-speed machining on all the axis makes it perfect for mold making in wood, resin, EPS (expanded polystyrene) and composites, model making, profiling solid surface machining and contouring large metal molds. Automotive foam molding shops and 3D surface engraving require 5-axis routers. The operations are carried out by one of the heaviest rated spindles at 10k Wand the 8 positions rotary automatic tool changing capability ensures accuracy for positioning of the tool.

5 Axis CNC Router 2 1500x630 - Understanding Somesalient Features About 5-Axis Routers

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