One can find many incidences of engraving in the erstwhile era where goldsmiths, gunsmiths, and glass engravers used to do traditional engraving. They used burin, a cutting tool to incise the design. In the modern times, techniques like laser engraving and photo engraving have replaced such old methods. Naturally, the machines have also witnessed a 360-degree turn with CNC engraving machines, metal laser cutter, water jet cutting machines, etc. doing the rounds. Here is some more on widely used CNC engraving machine.

Different Types

A CNC engraving machine means a lot to users from various industries. Whether you are an artist or a consummate worker in a specific industry, it is your sole companion in designing soulful creations from the plain surfaces of wood, metal, marble, glass, etc. Depending on your engraving purpose, you can choose from among CNC router or Laser cutting machines to execute your task. Here are some preferred machines types in each of these forms:

•  Laser engraving machine
•  3 axis CNC router
•  3d CNC Router
•  4 axis CNC router
•  5 axis CNC router

CNC Laser Engraving Machine

A combination of laser cutting and CNC engraving machine, it is suitable for processing metal and non-metal materials through high precision. Manufacturers classify it further into & China Laser Cutting Machine and CO2 Non-metal China Laser Engraving Machine. Both find their use in a range of applications like sign making, vector cutting, textile fabrication, raster engraving and so on. Speaking broadly, they could process a slew of materials categorized into engraving and cutting applications.

These machines could cut through or engrave priceless designs on the surfaces of wood, plastic, acrylic and leather. Separately, CO2 Non-metal China Laser Engraving Machine can engrave materials like glass, fabric, pressboard, anodized aluminum, ceramics, coated metalsand more. Likewise, China Laser Cutting Machine can cut materials like paper, melamine, rubber, cork and veneer among others. Besides, theCNC engraving machine could also cut through several metallic surfaces like carbon steel, stainless steel, and mild steel.

Find the Best at Omni-CNC

Having spent considerable time in the manufacturing of CNC routers, Omni has benefited a range of sectors through its precise and perfect machines. All its CNC engraving machines have been the result of intense research and development work. Ever since its inception, it has been instrumental in coming up with a range of machines to cut or engrave hard surfaces or metals as well as non-metals. Preferably, the OMNI China CNC laser engraving machine has been regarded as most valuable one by artisans and workers across varied industries. The company offers various utilitarian laser machines to serve specific purposes, such as Sign Making, Textile cutting, metal and non-metal work, high precision fiber laser cutting, economical fiber laser cutting.

CNC engraving machines are instrumental in cutting through or engravings various metal and non-metal surfaces. While workshops use them to create various machine parts, artists prefer using these machines to engrave appealing designs on wood, marbles and other surfaces. Arguably, you can find the best of these machines at Omni-CNC.