Omni CNC is a leading company in the market to introduce numerous cutting and engraving machines for the people. We understand that needs of people vary and in order to address that, we make sure to update our machines continuously. Utmost customer satisfaction remains our inspiration as well as objective, which we care to attain by offering our advanced machines. Here is one of the prominent of them.

How sharp is the Chinese Laser?

China Laser Cutting Machine can work easily on both non-metal and metal materials and is handy for a range of applications:
•  Making signs, name plates etc.
•  Fabrication and cutting of sheets and textiles
•  Engraving raster
•  Cutting vector

You will get specific types of laser cutters to get these above work done. If you are thinking of the materials that can be entertained by this cutter, then trust us, you will not be disappointed. The laser is strong enough to engrave on acrylic, wood, leather, glass, fabric, anodized aluminum, plastic, pressboard and much more.
The machine is also capable of cutting those materials along with paper, melamine, veneer, rubber etc.All these were non-metals, so if you want to know the metal count, then you can use the cutter on carbon steel, stainless steel, and mild steel. Of all the cutters available in our store, the fiber laser cutting machine is a welcome attraction at our store.

About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

•  This particular machine has carves its place in a wide range of industries. You can use it for making eyeglasses, kettles, kitchenware, electronics and mechanical parts, electrical cabinets, advertising trademark, sheet processing.

•  The materials applicable for this are types of steel, gold, silver, copper, titanium etc.

•  The parameters also form an attractive part about China Laser Cutting Machine, which makes this tube cut fiber laser a raging hit.

China laser cutting machine is an efficient machine that cuts through metals as well as non-metals easily. You can use it perform a range of creative activities like making signs, sculptures, etc. Besides, various industries also embrace it to perform respective cutting tasks.