The OMNI CNC router is a fine example of turning materials on a router. The process is very simple. A rotary device works a s 4th axis on a conventional 3-axis router. The CNC router easily converts to a wood turning lathe carving exquisite newel posts, chair jambs, crown molding, modillion engraving, and wall moldings. The applications can only stretch the imagination

Other applications of this Omni CNC router are furniture and cabinet feet, kitchen island legs, chair legs, corbels and baseball bats. The rotary device works as a 4th axis indexer that allows machining of parts in the round profile. This is a lathe equipped with smartness. The traditional lathe turning methods are a given. It is the free form ornamental turning that is turning heads when the craftsmanship is viewed. The Omni CNC router is making master craftsmen out of ordinary souls.

cnc router buddha - CNC Router Machines For Column Processing and Status 3d carving work - CNC Router Machines For Column Processing and Status

This also calls for introspection on a disappearing art of master carpenter. But technology is no more the servant of man rather it is breaking new grounds and with the advent of the Chinese company OMNI-CNC new ground breaking technology is now available at an affordable price. The 4th axis with the rotary device makes the job of carving newel post and status like 3d carving on Buddha.


The machine frame is of robust build quality. . There are 12 spindles which can be employed on various materials like MDF (medium density fiberboard is an engineered wood product), solid woods, plastics and acrylics. The rotary device can process irregular objects as well as different columns. The digital servo brushless motor on all the axes is maintenance free and gives unmatched routing flexibility. Sometimes this Omni CNC machine is dubbed as status CNC router.