What Is The Best Solution for Staircase Building ?

Staircase elements – newel post and balusters

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Staircases have a central pole or support column called a newel. This upright post supports the handrail. Where stairs have a straight flight the newel is the principal post at the bottom of the staircase. With other posts between the bottom and a landing called as balusters the handrail is well supported both structurally as well as decoratively. Sometimes on a landing an intermediate newel is also used. At the top of the staircase a newel is used as a decorative element rather than a structural piece. From the picture below the idea of a newel and balusters can be easily understood for its form and function.
Earlier newels and balusters were hand carved and the process was tedious and time consuming. Importantly no two newels / balusters could be termed as identical. When CNC routers were designed the idea of using the routers as a staircase production machine became obvious.

Omni 12SCNC Routers

The example of OMNI 12S CNC router is a fine example of producing newel posts / balusters on a router. The process is very simple. A rotary device works as a 4th axis on a conventional 3-axis router. The CNC 12S router makes the production of newel posts a walk in the park. The finished newel post has exquisite grooving and the helical symmetry is precise.

The Omni CNC 12s can be used for the production of
• Staircase materials like newel posts, balusters, railings, banisters
• Profile of statues, Buddha statues profiling
• Furniture and cabinet feet
• Kitchen island legs, table legs, chair and sofa legs
• Corbels, modillions, baseball bats

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Essential features of Omni12S router
• Machining of parts in the round
• Rotary device works as a 4th indexer
o Makes the rotation of the part, 4th axis of control
• Profile carving of objects
o Ornamental carving
o Free form carving
CNC Turner / Lathe Router

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This router from Omni is better known as CNC Turner Lathe for Staircase and Statues. The biggest advantage is exact replicas in the production of newels / balusters (the vertical posts that hold up the hand rail). Each tread requires two balusters on each side. The second baluster has extra height. The baluster has top and bottom decorative elements. The design is such that the bottom decorative element aligns with the next higher tread. The Omni 12S router does this replication with astounding speed and precision.

The machine frame is made of tubular steel with reinforced ribs giving the machine a robust quality. The beam assembly is firm allowing for precision cutting and great looking workmanship. There are 12 spindles which can be employed on various materials like MDF (medium density fiberboard is an engineered wood product), solid woods, plastics and acrylics. The rotary device can process irregular objects as well as different columns. The digital servo brushless motor on all the axes is maintenance free and gives unmatched routing flexibility. The machine can churn out newel and baluster posts that have earned the OMNI CNC router as the staircase CNC machine.

OMNI 1500 CNC Router

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OMNI also produces turner series on CNC routers. The 12S CNC router was one example in this series that also includes the 1500 CNC router. This single spindle and rotary indexed CNC router has a maximum diameter of 200 mm on the rotary device which is ideal formaking newel posts and balusters and importantly make exact replicas in no time. This versatile CNC router is perfect for production of staircases.

Vanity legs turning

Picture shows a vanity in a bathroom with vanity legs. The carved vanity legs are uniform in appearance as well as engineering. It exudes a simple elegance with corner legs and delicate borders. The workmanship is exquisitely engineered and turned on CNC turner / lathe router.