How OMNI ATC CNC Router Proved to Beneficial for M3 Industries?


CNC or computer numerical control router has come a long way. This hand-held router is used for cutting numerous materials such as wood, composites, aluminium, steel, plastics, and foams and creates custom designs to produce the best designs.

M3 Industries uses ATC CNC Router for fabrication and woodworking. Thanks to ATC CNC router from Omni CNC for revolutionizing the interior designing and furniture industry.

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The capabilities of CNC routers create objects and service robotics instantly thereby reducing the need for mechanical labor in our daily lives.

ATC CNC Routers from OMNI CNC is determined as the leaders of the industries and stands on the cutting edge

M3 Industries

The simplistic statement of M3 Industries is to “Make it well”. People are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of designer products and defining the interiors of their home and offices with these products.

M3 industries serve as an aid to people who look for best-fabricated products and sculptures. The company headed by Imon Chislett, a 12-year-old technical director of UHC and creator of most of their past sculptures sets a high standard in the art, fabrication, and manufacturing of wooden based items.

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Imon has an eye for detail and dedication to getting things right. This new venture from an old hand is based in Salford, UK. Imon in his traditional wood workshop is capable of carving trees and turning them into fine furniture.

The laser cutting and CNC router machines enable him to engrave and cut many different materials at a shorter span of time. The company started producing attractive objects for designing living space, office, hotel, etc. and provides fabrication solution to artists and designers thereby creating engaging furniture designs.

Thanks to ATC CNC Router from OMNI CNC who has benefitted numerous manufacturing sectors including aerospace, automotive, marine, recreational vehicles, 3D sculpture, concept models, pattern making, formed plastics, woodworking, etc., for developing quality based and engaging furniture designs.

With CNC routers, the manufacturing units are able to abide by the designs as recommended by the clients. It offers intricacy to the product created.

ATC CNC Routers are extensively used by manufacturing industries owing to its automatic tool changing function. CNC routers can be totally customized and built as per the specification of the client.

How CNC Router Helps in Increasing the Production of M3 Industries?

With the implementation of fully automated CNC routers, many manufacturing companies conquer the challenges of the efficiency of production, cost of labour, and quality of products.

ATC CNC routers from OMNI CNC help in increasing the accuracy, productivity, flexibility, and simplicity of the production significantly.

A CNC Router is versatile and fully integrated with the machinery that integrates with the functions like sawing, drilling, and routing.

It conducts operations by inputting data into the computer system and reduces the time involved in the manufacturing process.

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With the increasing competition among the cabinetry industries, there arose a need to improve the quality of the product thereby cutting down the cost incurred in manufacturing the items.

By shifting to a more automated manufacturing over manual operation increases the efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of production.

In addition, the CNC routers offer exceptional benefits thereby cutting down the operational cost and reduce the waste pieces.

Omni CNC has a range of CNC Routers that help carve designs at high precisions and at reduced waste. CNC Router from OMNI has benefitted M3 industries in wider terms.

M3 industries can easily design new creation as per the recommendation of the client and program electronics to control the device created. They can easily cut and weld steel and accomplish industrial projects with no hassle and less labour.

Moreover, one can easily to acquire knowledge over CNC routers. A layman can become pro in no time and operates the machine through the computer-guided interface.

What are the Benefits of CNC Routers?

CNC routers are designed by keeping end users in mind. This tool carries out numerous tasks at one point in time with less waste and increased productivity.

M3 industries use CNC router for creating furniture, wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer desks, mahjong tables, wooden loudspeaker enclosures, etc.

With the help of CAD and CAM software, this machine can cut and engrave the wood with precise angles. You need not spend a huge amount of time and energy to perform these tasks manually.

CNC routers are the most versatile machines and easy to operate. They have the ability to create designs in a matter of minutes yielding life to the product created.

There are numerous benefits over conventional manufacturing machines, let us take a look some of the important benefits of this automated CNC router.

1. Improved Precision: The accuracy of the products manufactured by CNC Router not only amplifies but also eliminates the probability of human error. In other words, lesser is the inter processes, fewer are the errors.

For the conventional manufacturing system, the components have to go through numerous processes including sizing, shaping, and drilling. Moreover, each machine is set up and operated by the operators systematically.

The router machine has to be set in terms of size and type of the various parts of the router. This machine can be operated by experienced and skilled operators ensuring that the quality of the products is maintained.

With the help of CNC machines, different products can be manufactured thereby maintaining its accuracy level.

The accurate programming and specifications leave no room for mistake. Vase mould is one such example to demonstrate the accuracy of the CNC router.

The manufacturer of case mould confides on 3D CAD/CAM software enabling the CNC router to work as per the given specifications.

The CAD system designs 3D model of a vase and CNC machine subsequently work on the design to manufacture the mould from the wood and other materials.

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M3 industries use CNC router to produce prototypes for different materials like wood, MDF, and foam. It is usually difficult to replicate the design of vases with painstaking manual work.

With the help of CNC routers, it has become easy to produce silky smooth moulds for making vase and container of similar size. CNC routers have greatly helped to get rid of manufacturing artifacts manually.

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Less error in the manufacturing processes eliminates unnecessary waste. Higher accuracy level helps in meeting the requirements of clients and makes it hard for others to duplicate the product.

CNC routers from OMNI CNC produces products that otherwise might be not viable to manufacture the products manually.

2. Eliminates Error: CNC Router smoothly cuts and beautifully carves a design on the material that can mesmerize anyone. Unlike manual work, CNC router reduces the chance of making an error.

Moreover, you can easily create designs without putting much effort. You just have to add the specification to CAD/CAM software enabling CNC router to the design the material as per the specification is given by the user.

M3 industries had remarkable experience using CNC router for cutting, engraving, and carving different types of material.

3. Fabrication: ATC type CNC router machine is utterly important for fabrication. These types of machines are very flexible and reprogrammable making them an ideal choice for fabrication. With the help of these tools, M3 Industries are benefitted a lot.

As compared to the conventional system, the production and labor cost becomes minimum. CNC Routers reduces the production time and increases productivity thereby making the entire process of carving, cutting, and drilling very easier. CNC router is an innovative device for different industrial domains.

4. Improved Efficiency: Efficiency is one of the primary reasons for using CNC machines. Computers are used to control these routing machines automating the operation of production and helping to increase the speed and quality of manufacturing.

OMNI CNC routers boost the productivity to a higher level and eliminate the time involved for setting up the machine.

With the help of CNC machines, the technicians of the M3 Industries will not have to perform the tasks like drilling or carving manually. These numerically controlled machines will make the entire work process easier.

The production work can be continued without any break thereby streamlining the production. However, this efficiency cannot be achieved through manual work.

5. Reduces time and cost: cost is one of the very important factors that almost all the companies and manufacturing firms consider. With the help of CNC machines, the cost of labour, electricity, and tooling is reduced significantly.

As compared to the conventional process of manufacturing, the cost incurred with the CNC machines is significantly lower thereby saving labour and materials.

The use of CNC machines not only help M3 Industries in reducing the labour cost and materials consumed but also improves the quality of the products produced.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, a CNC router reduces the complexity of the operation and increases the flexibility of designs. It also enhances the competitive strength of the company making the company grow.

Therefore, by having more and more efficient and accurate process of manufacturing, the competitive strategies of companies are enhanced.

CNC routers also eliminate multiple setups and reduce cycle time and cost associated with it. This also sets you free from alignment issues that can occur due to multiple setups.

The cost can be easily offset by the increased capabilities and gains achieved by the CNC routers.

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If you are uncertain about the significance of the CNC routers, then it is very important to first learn about the importance of the routing machine and then determine the number of products you need to process per week.

By taking all the benefits into account, it is observed that the investment in CNC router machines is worthwhile. The performance of the machine affects the quality of the product to a large extent ensuring the production of high-end products.

However, the manufacturing firms always look out to increase the productivity and efficiency of their systems and processes. To maximize the productivity of a company, CNC machining plays a very important role.

It suits your carving and cutting requirements. If you too are looking to improve your manufacturing firm with ATC type CNC router, then it is advised to order CNC router today from OMNI CNC.