CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture

Roman Relief Sculpture

The amazingly created CNC Wood Router Machine is the best to perform cutting and carving tasks.

It has become a craze among the workers. The works produced by this machine are flawless and extremely beautiful.

This computer numerical controlled machine can work on multiple materials and finds its use in numerous industries.

It can carve intricate designs and can give life to relief sculptures, which is intensely interesting.

You can utilize the router to get your own relief sculpture. However, if you are not much sure about the thing, then this detailed information might help you.



Image 1 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture



What is a Relief Sculpture?

This particular style of carving a sculpture derives its name from the word ‘Relevo’ (Latin) which means ‘to raise’.

A relief structure work is sculpted in such a way that it gives a raised feeling while staying attached to the background.

It is like a projection, which you can describe as a combination of three-dimensional sculptural and two-dimensional pictorial arts.

Generally carved out on a flat wooden or stone surface, this sculpture is sturdier than the freestanding sculptures, as the former have lesser weak points.



Image 2 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture



The relief has certain functions to perform like narrative and descriptive; it at once tries to tell a story while describing a specific scene.

It offers the workers a lot of areas, support, and convenience to work on.

One can carve it out directly on the desired place and it is fast becoming a common choice for decking up a place, as it is both quirky and classy.

Types of Relief Sculpture


Depending on the amount of projection (degree) raised up from the background, a relief can be classified into a few types:

•  High Relief Sculpture: Known as ‘alto relievo’, it happens when half or more than half of the sculpted figurines are projected out from the background.

In this case, the prominent parts of the picture are at times completely disengaged from the background to give the required feel.

The Greeks and Romans previously used to use high relief for their sculptures. Carried out through chisels and drills, this form made a comeback During Middle ages in Europe.


Image 3 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture



• Bas-Relief or Low Relief Sculpture:

Also termed as ‘basso-relievo’, it occurs when most of the sculptures project slightly from the background.

This technique was used in coins which made more sense if and when viewed from the front that the sides.

This variation is easier and cheaper to create, as one needs to carve fewer amounts of the background materials.

It originated in Egyptian as well as Asian architectures, and underwent revival during the Renaissance, although, it is not that popular in the Western area.



Image 4 606x430 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture



• Famous Relief Sculpture: 

Numerous famous are scattered across the world have been carved out in various styles by famous artists. Few important names include –

Battles Of Centaurs (1492, Michelangelo);

The Feast of Herod (1427, Donatello),

Venus of Laussel (000 BCE, Dordogne in low relief),

Pergamon Altar Of Zeus (180 BCE, Pergamon Museum Berlin in high relief),

Trajan’s Column (106-113 CE, Rome in helical/spiral relief),

Angkor Wat Khmer Temple ( 1150, Cambodia in low relief),

Mount Rushmore National Museum ( 1927-41, South Dakota in high relief),

Gates of Hell ( 1880-1917, Rodin Museum Philadelphia by Auguste Rodin) and many more.


Image 5 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture



• Roman Relief Sculpture:

The prime aim of the relief sculptures made in Rome was to build a communication.

The sculptures try to depict stories and create a tie between the worshippers and the gods.

The Roman Sculptures have a serene and calm expression, the natural folds are created with care, the direction and position of head, hands, and legs portray the action of the sculpted.

These were mainly carved in stone and marble for the sake of permanence.

The intention of depth and perspective in reliefs were used by the sculptors to create such canonical art.


Image 66 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture




•  Egyptian Relief Sculpture:

The Egyptians used a combination of different types of relief sculptures to create their art.

They used bas-relief, outline-relief, sunken-relief, as well as high relief to decorate and narrate their stories.

The ancient people preferred the bas-relief; however, the New Empire chose the outline and sunken relief.

They used symbolism for their gods carved on tombs or on walls.

Sometimes the figures were arranged irregularly and the other times were placed horizontally placed, according to their respective sizes to attract people and reach out to them.


Image 7 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture



• Sunken Relief Sculpture:

As the name suggests, here the sculpture sinks into the background and has sharp outlines and frames which are not smoothened.

Here you will not find any projections and the background is left untouched.

Mostly found in Egyptian styles and also in India to carve out small ivory reliefs.


Image 8 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture


Besides these prominent varieties of the art form, mid-relief and counter relief are also widely used to create a more powerful impact.


Bits Suitable for Relief Sculpture Worked With CNC Wood Router

If you want to use a CNC Wood Router to create a relief structure, then you should choose the perfect bits.

This will help you to carve out the desired decoration accurately on the material without hampering the machine or the material.

For bas-relief, you should go for 3D carving bit of 2” in length with round head.

For shallow carving go with pinpoint engraving bit. You can use 1/8″ ball nose bit for detailed finishing and 1/4″ uncut endmill for roughing out the passes.

The machine will come with a few bits, which you can use depending on your design.


Image 9 - CNC Wood Router: The Relief Sculpture History & Modern CNC Sculpture





Relief Sculpture is a nice idea to decorate a place, be it your office or drawing room.

It catches attention, bags appreciation and hints at your taste.

The CNC Wood Router has eased out the troubles of the sculptors faced previously with chisels.

Now, with this machine, a more marvelous and flawless piece can be carved out consuming less time. So, try it!



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