How to Handle If One Axis of CNC Router Does Not Move?

If one axis of cnc router does not move, do as following step by step:
1. One axis of cnc router does not move. Now check the driver for this axis if work normal. The checking way: replace the driver on this axis with another axis, then to see if the other axis can work after mounted on replaced driver of cnc wood router. This way can confirm if there is problem with driver.

2. If the axis can move after replaced another driver, and the other axis can not move, then it indicates that the other driver is with problem.If the axis still does not move, then it indicates that wire or motor are with problem. Now, please check if air plugs are connected very well with control cabinet, check if control cabinet power is on. Please check if cnc router cable wire is connected very well with motion control card in PC and control cabinet.If all checking result are no problem, then please contact OMNI for getting further support.
3. Spindle can not rotate. Please check inverter LED screen value, and let us know, OMNI engineer will guide you how to fix this on cnc router.