What Can We Do If CNC Router Cutter Stick Acrylic Powder?

One of my customers contact us for asking for help. The cnc router he purchased from OMNI bit stick acrylic powder and can not remove the bits from collet. We told him to use heating tool to melt acrylic firstly, then try to remove bits. Why cnc router cutter stick powder?

Usually, there are two kinds of cutter sticking situation:

1. Material powder melted on cutter.
Material powder melted on cutter, such appearance mainly occurred when process non-metal material. The main reason is the cutting head cause material powder melted. How to avoid this? :
1) Using more sharp cnc wood router cutter with more flute for removing powder more efficiently;
2) Slow down spindle rotating speed. Slowing down spindle rotating speed could slow down the cutting speed, in this way, could reduce heat created, could avoid material melting;
3) Speed up feeding speed. Feeding speed get higher, then the time that cutter staying at one position is less, then the heat receiving for unit area will get less, avoiding material melt.
2. Material powder did not melted on cutter.
This problem mainly happened when process metal material. Reason is lower processing speed, more heat released. Solutions are :
1) Improve cooling way. Change the position of cooling liquid out-way, get the cooling liquid spray out at the cuttig position.
2) Use more sharp cutter. The cutter more sharper, the head more reduced.
3) Adjust cnc wood router spindle speed, speed up it.
4) Slow down feeding speed.