A signboard is an indicator.  It could indicate

  • Direction
  • Price
  • Name of building
  • Product
  • Image indicating profession

CNC Routers are the machines of image 1 300x168 - Indoor and Outdoor Sign Making CNC Machinechoice for making big or small display, whether indoors or outdoors.

The advantage of CNC routers is the capability of working on different kinds of material.

Wood, acrylic, stone, plastics and metal are alike.

Change the tool as per the material and you are ready to go.

OMNI CNC router machines from China have a variety of machines in their catalogue.

There is no field in which they cannot engineer or custom build a CNC router. Such is their engineering skill and expertise.

From the entry level OMNI 1325 CNC router to the OMNI 12S (12 spindles) cnc router and  ATC  cnc router (automatic tool changing) technology this industry leader from China is blazing new trails and frontiers.

The OMNI CNC Routers for logo routing is an example of precision and uncompromising quality.

This router is best used for processing and finishing rigid substrates materials that are used in signage industry.

Components for 3D processing on materials like fiberglass, foam, aluminum, brass, carbon fibre are some of the materials that can be routed using the range of OMNI CNC Routers.

Apart from its versatility the price point at which this CNC router for routing indoor and outdoor signs is sold makes it one of the most affordable among all CNC Routers in the market.rd Sign Processing Substrates

Image 2 300x225 - Indoor and Outdoor Sign Making CNC Machine

Among signage material for both indoor and outdoor use plastics like expanded PVC is ideal routing material.

The router bits cut cleanly without leaving any edges and the multi colored PVC material allows instant finishing of the signs.

Acrylic sheets are also highly favored for both indoor and outdoor publicity material.

Router bits can polish while cutting the edges.

Polycarbonates have excellent weathering properties and are durable for outdoor signs.

Sign foams are easily routable. Sign foams are made from polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, polystyrene among others.

Below is the sign & graphic company work project, one of OMNI clients, Edward. We are for sure, you are interested in read his story:


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