Kitchen Cabinet Photo Offered by OMNI User in Norway

Recently, we received some kitchen cabinet photos the OMNI end user from Norway. The customer bought OMNI CNC wood router, and mainly produce kitchen cabinet.

This is the first entrance for CNC for Stig, so he does not want very advanced configuration this time, prefer the basic configuration with easier operation. Then he asked if could load MDF to router table to cut. And this is the basic function for cnc router, then we send him the working video of our OMNI 1325 basic cnc wood router, which cut MDF 20mm very quickly.
He watched, and asked the question that how cnc wood router can cut so deep without cutting the table surface. Then ,was replied what would put plywood layer between MDF and working table for protection. And vacuum pump could hold these two pieces of wood sheet down tightly. We had one test, put 5 pcs of 20mm MDF sheet together, and using 5.5 kw vacuum pump to holding down, and no moving when try to push it.
So questions one by one, and we suggest him the vacuum pump, dust collecting system etc. Stig is very satisfied with the cnc wood router, and offered the photo for showing the cabinet he made.


2013 03 19 15 53 45 - Kitchen Cabinet  Photo Offered by OMNI User in Norway