CNC Wood Router Make Your Work Easier

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Woodworkers have many tools at their disposal, but one of the most important machines they work with is the CNC wood router. This machine is used to hollow out, or rout, an area in a sheet of wood. It is most common for cnc wood routers to be used in cabinetry to produce grooves in the wood’s surface. With woodworking shops demanding machines that offer quick set-up, ease of use, mutli-functionality, and an economical price, most shops are turning to computer numerically controlled (CNC) used woodworking machines.

A CNC wood router speeds up the production process while also offering elevated precision and a lower error rate. CNC wood routers provide these benefits because instead of being operated by hand, these machines work on the Cartesian coordinate system to offer 3D motion control. The woodworker will design his or her project by inputting measurements into a CAD/CAS application, which the router uses to automatically make necessary cuts. Vendors who sell used woodworking machines will frequently have a CNC wood router sale, which allows shops to acquire these machines inexpensively.

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To illustrate why a CNC wood router is more desirable than a handheld machine, consider how these cuts are performed with a handheld router:

Performing Edge Routing

To complete edge routing, one begins by clamping the wood sheet down and moving the handheld router in a counterclockwise motion. While this counterclockwise motion makes the router easier to control, it can also cause wood to chip out around the corners. Operating the router too quickly will also cause burns. A CNC router prevents chipping and burns by removing the chance of damage caused by operator error.

Creating Dadoes

A dado is a small groove cut into the surface of wood. Typically dadoes are used for making bookshelves by providing a way for shelves to be affixed to the frame of the bookcase. A woodworker can use a homemade jig, a straight bit, and a router to create dadoes. The process involves frequently measuring and re-measuring dadoes produced on a test piece of wood to ensure precision. However, using a used CNC wood router speeds up the process without sacrificing precision, as these used woodworking machines accurately adhere to programmed measurements.

Creating Patterns

Patterns are useful in woodworking because they allow the operator to create several copies of a wood piece that share the same measurements. One will generally use plywood or fiberboard to produce a pattern measured to the same specifications as the necessary production run. This shape can be cut with a band saw, jigsaw, or even a router. When woodworkers acquire a new machine from a CNC wood router sale, they eliminate the need for patterns since device specifications are input and stored electronically. This ultimately saves the woodworker the time and hassle associated with creating patterns for large production runs.

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OMNI offers high performance CNC wood router that allow shops to perform edge routing, create dadoes, and eliminate the need for patterns. Reach out to one of our sales representatives today to learn how a CNC wood router will make production more efficient without sacrificing precision.