Precision and Power: The 12KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel

Fiber laser cutting machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, providing unparalleled precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Among these cutting-edge machines, the 12KW fiber laser cutter stands out as a powerhouse, particularly when it comes to cutting carbon steel.

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Key Components of CNC Metal Laser Cutter

Laser Source

At the heart of the machine, the 12KW laser source emits beams at a 1.06 μm wavelength, ensuring the power needed for cutting through various thicknesses of carbon steel.

Cutting Head and Optics

Precision optics, including lenses and mirrors, focus and direct the laser beam to the workpiece, ensuring a narrow and intense beam for high-quality cutting.

CNC Controller

Executing pre-programmed commands, the CNC controller precisely controls the motion system and laser during the cutting process, integrating seamlessly with CAD/CAM software.

Motion System

Linear motors or rack and pinion systems accurately move the cutting head, impacting the resolution and repeatability crucial for top-notch cut quality.

Assist Gas Delivery System

An inert gas, such as nitrogen or compressed air, aids in removing molten material from the cut, with flow rate and pressure regulation being paramount for optimal results.

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Precision at Every Cut

The 12KW model stands out for its ability to deliver precision at a micro level. With a cutting precision of +/- 0.02 mm, this laser metal cutting machine ensures that businesses can produce intricate parts with incredibly tight tolerances, meeting the most demanding quality requirements.

Speed Meets Efficiency

Equipped with a high-speed cutting head, this machine can achieve speeds of up to 100 m/min. This feature caters to businesses with high-volume production needs, allowing for rapid and efficient fabrication of parts.

Control at Your Fingertips

The 12KW fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with the FSCUT8000 control system, specifically designed for ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machines. Widely adopted in sheet metal factories, automated production lines, and large processing stations, this system ensures enhanced efficiency, stability, and ease of maintenance.

Specifications for Your Needs

The 12KW model comes with specific parameters designed to cater to diverse project requirements:

Model No.: OMNI3015H

Working Area: 3000mm×1500mm

X axis: 3050mm

Y axis: 1530mm

Z axis: 250mm

Positioning Accuracy (X/Y axis): ±0.03mm/m

Repositioning Accuracy (X/Y axis): ±0.02mm

Max. Speed (X/Y axis): 140m/min

Max Acceleration (X/Y axis): 1.5G

Control System: FSCUT8000

Pallet Exchange Time: 20s

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How to Cut Carbon Steel with a 12KW Fiber Laser Cutter  Step by Step:

Material Preparation

Ensuring a flat and rigid surface is crucial, and for plate cutting, additional clamping or fixturing may be required.

Cutting Path Design

Import the CAD file into the machine software, generating cutting paths that consider factors like cut sequence, laser orientation, and pierce points for the highest quality cut.

Select the Appropriate Laser Power

Carbon steel demands relatively high power, typically 3KW or more, with higher power required for cutting thicker grades.

Adjust Focus Lens

For carbon steel, a tighter focus concentrates the laser energy, with a specific focal length depending on the material thickness.

Choose Cutting Parameters

Opt for a slower cutting speed for carbon steel, allowing for full melting and removal of material. Parameters like speed and power need adjustment based on thickness and grade.

Use Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Compressed Air Assist Gas

Commonly used for cutting carbon steel, oxygen, nitrogen, argon & compressed air helps remove melted material from the cutting path. Adjust flow rate and pressure for optimal results.

Safety Considerations

High-power lasers require protective eyewear and enclosures, with proper training for operators and maintenance personnel.

Material Handling Safety

Safe loading, unloading, and maneuvering of heavy carbon steel plates are essential to prevent injuries.

Gas Safety

Proper handling, storage, ventilation, and operator training are critical for high-pressure gases like nitrogen.

Electrical Safety

Following grounding, insulation, and lockout/tagout procedures is crucial for preventing electric shock and other risks.

Fire Safety

Sparks and molten metal produced during cutting necessitate the presence of a suitable fire extinguisher.

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The 12KW fiber laser cutting machine from OMNI CNC is more than just a tool; it’s a symbol of precision, power, and efficiency. For businesses seeking to elevate their metal fabrication processes and achieve superior results in carbon steel cutting, the 12KW model stands as a testament to innovation. Contact OMNI CNC today for a free quote and discover how this cutting-edge technology can reshape your approach to metal fabrication.