US- China Trade War: US Releases China Tarriff 1300 Chinese Products

The Trump administration on Tuesday published a list of about 1,300 Chinese exports that could be targeted for tariffs.
The United States plans to apply the tariffs to about $50 billion worth of goods to punish China for its theft of trade secrets, including software, patents and other technology. A 25% tariff would be applied to all the products, according to the US Trade Representative, a wing of the White House.

The list of goods excludes many Chinese-made consumer products available for sale at Target or Walmart, including clothing, shoes and toys. But it will most likely increase costs for American manufacturers that depend on imported parts because it concentrates heavily on machinery and high-tech components. The tariffs will be imposed on a total of $50 billion worth of Chinese products each year.

trump 600x321 - US- China Trade War: US Releases China Tarriff 1300 Chinese Products
How about CNC router and laser machine? Do these products are included in 1300 products list?
I checked the list, and found below HS code are similar:
84561110 ……….. Machine tools operated by laser, for working metal.
84649001 ……….. Machine tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, asbestos-cement or like mineral materials or for cold working glass, nesoi

Well, these are may similar with our cnc router, laser machine. But not the exact HS code as we use. So we narrowly escape from this trade war seems, but not 100% for sure.
We believe that if the China-US trade war breaks out, in addition to trade countermeasures, China will also focus on preventing three potential risks of real estate bubbles, implicit debt of local debt, and large fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate on the basis of comprehensive prevention of various economic and financial risks. And foreign exchange rate is the one we care it very much.

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