Name : Suresh Kumar
Industry: Interior Fabrication & Architecture Design
Country:  New Zealand
Product Purchased: Basic 4×8 CNC Router
Year Purchased: 2016

Online Chatting With Suresh Kumar
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OMNI: Why you plan purchase cnc router ? Before you purchase it, how did you do your work?

Suresh: I purchased a CNC router to start my own business, I have CNC Router 15 years experience. 

OMNI: What is the reason you chose OMNI product?

Suresh: I did lot of research before buying CNC, finally i chose OMNI because Allan, promised and helped to get CNC router to New Zealand. 

OMNI: How does the cnc machine achieve the efficiency improvement, cost reduction and quality improvement?

Suresh: If there is data could offer, much appreciated. Sign making,cabinet. 

These are some of my 3D wave pattern board working.

OMNI: What configuration on cnc machine is much helpful?
Suresh: ATC Would helpful. 

OMNI: If you purchase the cnc machine again, what configuration you would love to add?
Suresh: ATC +Auto loading,unloading.

OMNI: Would you like to share your importing cnc machine experience?
Suresh: I visited OMINI in 2016, I was very happy with service from Allen. After visiting i got full confidence on Allen/OMNI. next ATC CNC router.  i don’t need to visit, just I order from New Zealand.

Below is Mrs Kumar’s comment about OMNI.

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