What Can You Do During Your “Stay Home” Period?

Recalibrate and redefine is the formula of success in these tough times. How? The productivity is at an all-time low. Everything but essential service was ordered to close down. The economy is suffering, and so is the world.

Though some firms and nations are pondering upon the ways of keeping up the productivity rate by using 50% of their staff strength to work at a given the time of day, yet, one cannot completely assure success with such an interesting facet.

Besides, working from home is the way forward for many businesses. However, with the change in the surrounding, firms and their employees are a bit apprehensive regarding their own productivity. Hence, the invention of productivity measuring tools and video calling platforms like Zoom are helping many firms to be in constant touch with their employees and know their daily progress.

However, things are slightly different for manufacturing sectors. If studies are to be believed, then we can say that there will be very little change/ turbulence experienced by this ongoing pandemic. The only thing that is going to suffer during this worldwide lockdown is the traveling and transporting of the products and equipment.

Nevertheless, given the current situation, it is very crucial to stick together by staying at our respective homes. The economy can be recovered only when we take good care of ourselves.

1. Precautions to take while staying at home

We need to make sure that you are taking proper care of yourself. As humans, this is our basic necessity to care about each other in these challenging times. If the situation demands us to stay away from our loved ones, then we should not shy away from doing that.

Besides, here is a bunch of things that we should do as responsible citizens to ensure that we are abiding by and appreciating the hard work done by our health workers.

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1.1 Try questioning the motive before you walk out?

Consider questioning the motive of your travel. Try asking is it really necessary to step out? Can’t things get sorted by sitting inside? Step out only when it is really inevitable, like that of buying some groceries or medicines.

1.2 Take safety precautions in your hands

This is very basic yet taken for granted. Cleaning and keeping your surroundings hygienic is very important. However, what’s crucial is to keep yourself safe from outside bodies. So, how do you do that? By sanitizing.

Irrespective of where and when you go or come back, do ensure that you keep and use disinfecting wipes or a sanitizer at all times. Your safety lies in your hands.

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1.3 Use Protective Gears

Ensure you are using protective gear like a face mask when you are going out. Make sure that you are using prescribed disposal or KN95 respirator mask. In case you are finding difficulty in finding it, you can also contact us at OMNI CNC. We are constantly working to make and deliver these face-masks.

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1.4 Take care of your parents and elderly

In these times, they need your care and protection more than anything else. Ensure that they don’t have to bother themselves for anything. Provide the right food and supplements to them to prevent them from the wrath of this virus. Keep them guarded with sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.

1.5 Avoid meeting people

Social distancing is the need of the hour. Every political leader is calling out for the same in their press conferences. Avoid any form of physical contact from your friends, neighbors, or employees. In case you are going out to buy some groceries or medicine, ensure you maintain the specified distance from other people while standing in queue or bay.

2. Unravel the myths about the CNC machine

Operating a CNC machine can be very intimidating. With so much knowledge about the upcoming technology available on the internet, it can be quite challenging to keep yourself level-headed and lose track of what you know about handling this machine.

There have been many myths and misconceptions about a CNC machine. Due to that, some of the woodworkers have been very pragmatic while using it. Hence, they have not garnered the results in their manner. Besides, the truth of the matter is that a CNC is extremely accessible and easy to use. So, here are a few myths that you can understand and implement while next working with the machine:

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2.1 The formula of “Set and forget”

Despite making significant advancement in technology, a CNC machine does not ensure churning out high-quality results once you run a part of CNC. The tools break, inserts get to wear down, and parts get shifted. Irrespective of the machine’s proficiency, the operator has to intervene in the process for the maintenance of the product’s quality and machine’s life.

2.2 It is expensive to work on a CNC machine

CNC machine is becoming more affordable for woodworkers. Besides, the combination of CAM/CAD software along with built-in modern machining features has made it smoother for CNC workers to set up parts and perform functions with great speed and efficiency. And, with the rising production numbers of this machine, it is sure that the rates of the CNC machines are going be on the cheaper side for the enthusiasts.

2.3 CNC machines have its Limitations

Though online videos and tutorials have made it pretty easy to invent anything and everything, it is very important for a CNC worker to know that even the advanced pieces of equipment of this modern machine have their limitations. While keeping the fact aside that some features cannot be machined and designed.

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2.4 Operator more than automation

Despite the incredible advancements in technology, one seems to forget the underlying statement of “Man running the machine”. However, we tend to trust the opposite part of that statement and hence, are tricked into believing that automation is everything.

For that reason, an operator needs to understand that it is not the machine; it is his skill of operating and programming that induces next to flawless results. In case you own a shop, it will be wise to either learn the coding of the machine or hire a trained CNC programmer who knows how to operate the machine, before chucking out a large sum of money.

2.5 3D CAM and visual programming has replaced GM code

GM code is a thing of the past and is, now, replaced by a better and easy to execute systems like 3D CAM (computer-aided manufacture) systems or visual programming.

On the one hand, there are 3D CAM systems that define the tools, cutting paths, drill cycles, workpiece, and many more things of the machine. Further, they are easy to edit and tweak; thus, helping the operator to improve work efficiency.

On the other hand, there is visual programming that allows operators to program parts of the process by simply adding a few dimensions in the library stock of the machine.

With these two, even a skilled programmer gets benefitted by a basic understanding of the raw code.

Hence, getting essential knowledge of troubleshooting and identifying problem are

3. Tips to enhance your business while at home

After going through the myths, it is important to work out a way to enhance your business when things get back to normal.

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3.1 Partnerships

One could and should not expect things to explode once the market reopens. Hence it is best to enter into partnerships with your reliable contacts and current connections. With their help, try to promote your knowledge by putting out industry-related events and webinars. In this way, you can manage to increase a lot of traffic to your shop.

3.2 Segmentation

is where your digital activity and web presence can help you. With this focus, you work to those clients/prospects who are really interested in your business/service. In this way, you can reach out to a wider target audience and also increase the volume of traffic and leads on your website.

3.3 Finding scalable growth opportunities

Successful businesses are built on realistic and scalable growth opportunities. This helps in directly evaluating your services and products provided to your customers in the past. Reach out to them with forms and surveys and see where you lacked and did well. Work on securing expansive contacts and strengthening existing relationships. Doing this will allow you to scale your business’s growth.

3.4 Value Addition

Due to its multi-staged process, a CNC machine has a lot of potential to add value to a shop. Your shop’s potential is measured by ho many value-added steps you have taken in the past. This can include your digital and physical works. This lockdown is a blessing and uses it to research out machines, codes, expanding options, and new discoveries that can help you transform your shop in a much better way than your competitors.

3.5 Diversifying

Diversify the range of projects you undertake. Though some may be outside your capability, but, isn’t it good to work out the weaklings now rather than wait for things to start again?

Beginning post lockdown with a new skill will help you, and your shop grow. This will also be built your reputation as a worker who upgrades his business and is ready to push his shop’s growth for a sustainable period, even when the economy is on a downward spiral.

So, we hope that this article will help you to grow and expand your business.

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