11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router Machines

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Are you not aware of the practices that you should avoid while operating a CNC machine? If yes, then this blog is for you.

All tools are dangerous if used in an improper manner.

Considering the fact that manufacturing companies adhere to several common practices ensuring the safety of the machine but still there lies a number of risks that are far most obvious and the machine are susceptible to glitches like any other machine.

Not developing safe working habits while operating a tool would eventually lead to hazards. It is always said that precautions are better than cure.

A person learning to operate the machine must learn safety measures before working on the tool. Most of the accidents happen for not following safe working habits.

To combat the problem, you should develop safe working techniques and operate CNC machine meticulously so that the machine operates at the most efficient level.

Let us take a brief look at some important tips that you should incorporate for efficient operation of CNC machine.


Important Tips That You Must Be Careful While Operating the CNC Router Machine:

img 1 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesUse Poor Quality Bits and Never Check it Before Starting the Work

Think about it for a moment:

You are using poor quality bits to carve a material and met with an accident. Imagine what it would be like. Risk can increase the chance of hazards. Don’t get intermediate quality assorted sized bits for your CNC machine.

The primary objective should be to possess cutters that can prevent the risk and perform the routing operation very safely. Handling the cutter before getting started with CNC also decides your success or failure such as make sure the cutter was placed properly before routing operation even starts.

Blunt, cracked or chipped tools may increase the chances of damaging the quality of the product carved. Ensure that the tools are sharp enough and crack free. Ignorant about the cutting brands, then you should try to use brands, perhaps the one that is on trend or those that are most popular and have the highest customer satisfaction rate.

CNC router cutters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for various purposes. For more information about the various types of CNC machine bits, you can click on the link and download bits list https://omni-cnc.com/download/.

Clean machine not only extends and protects the life of a CNC machine but also produces high-quality products.

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img 2 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesLike Not Wearing Safety Glasses and Earmuffs

Not wearing safety glasses can pose a risk to your eye. In the areas where debris may be flying everywhere, it is highly recommended to shield your eyes with safety glasses.

Using eye protection is the most important safety rule that you should be adhering to while using a CNC router machine.

Whatever you owned hobby CNC router, or you run an industrial CNC router, even if you are an experienced user, you should adhere to the safety measures while operating the machine to avoid short or long-term injuries.

In addition, ear protection is not a typical requirement yet hearing impairment have become a major issue in the present work environment.

To prevent eyesight and hearing loss, you should opt for good safety glasses that cover your head totally.

There are a variety of safety glasses available in the supply system, you should avail the one that offers the best protection along with side shield.

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Don’t think about the policies and rules; think about your safety because hazards don’t warn before occurring. A CNC machine operator must adhere to right safety measures that can help shield you against potential dangers.

img 3 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesLack of Safety Measures

CNC machine accidents are no joke. Safety around any kind of machinery should always be the number one priority. No long hair (Long hair should be tied properly while working), no baggy clothing (wear fitting clothes), and nothing should dangle.

Your body should be covered properly. You can wear full sleeves shirt and long pant as wearing shorts and tee-shirts might increase the probability of getting injured. Your clothes should be close fitting and remember not to wear baggy or loose fitting clothes.

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Always ensure that safety is the most important rule while you are operating the CNC router machine. Also, make sure that you truly comprehend with the preventive measures of the machine and work according to the environment.


img 4 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesTroubleshoot and Rectify Minor Errors

Breakdown of the tool can lead to minor errors. While operating a CNC router machine, you should possess proper skills on maintenance tasks such as replacing the tools, drills, and knobs and troubleshoot the machine.

Most problems of a CNC machine can be caused either by poor maintenance or error but the problems can be resolved by on-time troubleshooting and fixing the errors.

  • Improper Programming:

Walk away from an unproven program. Improper programming is another issue that can be resolved by resolving the programming error and rebooting the system.

To avoid programming error, ensure that the programming is correct and the machine is properly set-up. CNC router reduces waste and increases the productivity of the industry.

  • CNC Controller:

It is true that the heart of the CNC machine is a control system. It is important to fit the correct controller for CNC application as parameters and programming are very specific to the task.

img 5 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesDefective Equipment Should be Tagged and Removed

Impairment in the CNC machine can lead to crash down resulting in bending and breakage of cutting tools, fixtures, vises, clamps, accessories, etc.

Always make sure that the equipment is inspected and repaired before using so that the components are produced always within the precision range.

Also, ensure that the component fabrication processes are done properly.

When a crash occurs, the tools or the parts of the machine end up broken. The tools should be programmed properly to work without fault.

Any broken parts would end up crashing the tool. Therefore, it is of prime importance for a tool to programme properly to work without any fault.

img 6 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesStand Close to the Machine

Lack of protection can be a cause of hazards. To avoid potential tragedies, it is advised to maintain a distance from the bits while operating CNC router machine.

Whether you have a workshop or you are working with industry, you should always leave a gap of 6 inches to prevent your hand or body from getting injured by being too close.

You should leave no room for errors while operating a CNC router. Safe work practices help in preventing from any sort of injury.

Using a CNC router machine can be dangerous if safety measures are not taken into consideration.

To operate the machine safely, ensure that you keep yourself as well as others safe. So, it is advised never leave the room while operating a CNC machine.


img 7 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesUnfamiliar G-code/G Programming Language

If you are not familiar with the G-Codes/G-programming language then you should get familiar with the programming language that is used to derive most of the CNC router machines.

You should possess the knowledge in CAD and CAM software and perform the operations accordingly.

G-code is a fundamental language of CNC programming and commonly used by programmers to operate the machine. CAM programs will generate G-code from a CAD drawing.

It also has the ability to be productive on CNC machines quickly.

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CAD/CAM technology is used for designing a product and programming manufacturing processes, specifically, CNC machining.

CAM software uses the models and assemblies created in CAD software to generate tool paths that drive the machines that turn the designs into physical parts.

CAD/CAM software is most often used for machining of prototypes and finished production parts.

In addition,  you should aware the basics of G-code, all you need to do is use to G Code to learn https://omni-cnc.com/5-easy-g-codes-you-must-learn/ and keep reading to find out the basic knowledge as CNC router beginner.

img 8 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesInexperienced and Altering the Tools /Accessory of the Machine

Exposure to an unsafe tool can affect anyone. You can be exposed to hazards if necessary precautions are not taken into consideration.

It is advised to take help of an expert to modify or alter the tool of the machine before using the CNC machine.

If you are an expert or you have proper knowledge of the machinery, you can change the tool or accessories. It is vital to have the expertise of the CNC machine before even operating it.

Not knowing basics of the CNC router can lead you into problems. Operating and maintaining a tool is easy but you should be aware of its limitations.

In addition, you should also have knowledge of the material and appropriate tool which you are using to cut the material.

The operator here should know settings for cutting different material types with the router.

It is easy to overlook the safety operation but one should understand the nuances of their operations and maintenance to keep machine protected.

Furthermore, if a part of a CNC machine is not programmed appropriately, the machine might crash or damage the part, tools, spindles, etc.

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img 9 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesLeave the Machine Unattended

Never leave the machine unattended. Switch it off before leaving the place.

If you are not sure whether the tool is switched off or not, touch it and switch it off again.

CNC operators must have extensive knowledge to operate the tool. In addition, the operator must maintain the accuracy of the cutters, so that the materials can be carved efficiently.

The accuracy of the tool is one of the most important considerations for the consistent performance of the tool.  Dull cutters can build the heat and spoil the material.

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Every machine has a home position where it comes back before starting another cycle.

And it is important for the operator to learn how important it is to switch off the machine before leaving the room.

Ensure that you always allow best CNC router machine to return home and power it off before it reaches any actionable area.


img 10 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesIgnore Best Friend: MPG SIM(Syntec Controller), Feed override/hold

Regardless, of the fact how big or small machine they are, a lot of safety precautions should be taken care of when you are using the best CNC router machinery for your industry.

You can use MPG SIM button to pause the program for safety purpose. MPG SIM, Feed override/feed hold is like your friend. You can favorably use it to stop and check your machine.

To start the machine, you just need to press MPG SIM button to start work by keeping Rapid Override at 0% and Feedrate Override at 0%.

After hitting the start button, you can advance the program and increase the federate override back to 100%. Click to check how to use CNC MPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ektZcpWslpM&t=1s .

Stick to right feeds and speeds while working with your valuable machined parts. Ensure that nothing goes wrong. Check how to calculate feed rate and speed: https://youtu.be/PwOURobVF5E

The better you handle the functioning of the tool; the life of the tool is drawn out. In addition, if you personally set fixtures and tools on your own and run the program to understand whether everything works fine before machining the parts in it.

45857871235 15ac4e7e51 b - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router Machines

For more information about Syntec CNC router machine tips, you can check out CNC machine video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ektZcpWslpM.

Before you even try to operate the machine, you should know the reading manual and understand the importance of Syntec Controller, feed override/hold.




img 11 - 11 Practices You Must Avoid While Operating CNC Router MachinesPay No Heed to Maintenance

Like anything, preventive measures can put a stop to bad practices. When it comes to the maintenance of the CNC router machine for wood, you pay less heed to it.

Aren’t you becoming lazy to look after the maintenance of the most productive machine? Perhaps, you are ignoring the most important constituent of a CNC router machine in the same way you ignore broken headlight of your car.

Inconvenience can obstruct your productivity and put the line of production to hold. CNC machines are no different, they too need regular maintenance.

Ignoring the maintenance could make your day ineffective. Ensure that your machine is maintained properly as it cannot run properly even if a single part of the machine is worn out.

In truth, it is advised to carry a quick task before operating the machine. Check hydraulic pressure and fluids along with chuck pressure and lubrication level ensuring that everything is working well.

Wipe the machine on a daily basis and clean the filter after every 30-40 days. Just because the machine is working fine today doesn’t mean it will operate efficiently the next day. So, avoid the pitfalls and improve the efficiency of your machine as there is no guarantee against cumulative damage.

Irregular maintenance can take a toll on the efficiency of the equipment. Regular maintenance increases the proficiency of the tool as well as improves productivity.

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Whether you are a producer or you own a company that produces products made by affordable CNC router machines, the ground rule remains the same for everyone.

Everyone makes mistakes and what makes you better is learning from your mistakes rather than repeating the bad practices while operating the machine. Needless to say, that mistake makes man perfect.

To sum up, whatever you are CNC router beginner or looking for CNC router machine for sale, it is of utmost importance to ensure safety measures and adhere to the guidelines of CNC tutorial videos before operating CNC router.

A person must aptly know the basic of the machining before becoming a proficient operator.

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