3D CNC Router – The High-Speed Machining For Shoemaking Industry

CNC routers are finding a heavy use in a range of applications across assorted industries. These routers make industrial operations easier and hence save considerably on cost, time and labor. Be it cutting, engraving or carving patterns and designs on various materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, steel, foam etc., these machines are best for all such tasks. One of the most popular versions of this machine, namely 3D CNC routers, are making things comparably simpler for various industries.

Why 3D CNC Router?

Operated with the help of advanced design software, this equipment can cut through steel, aluminum, and other materials. Likewise, their use in the sole mould making for shoes is also widespread for the following reasons:

• Ensure optimum finish
• Perform exceptionally
• Designed ergonomically
• Resistant to wear and tear
• Require least or no maintenance
• Flexible software

The Role of Software

The manufacturers of sole mould confide on 3D CAD/CAM software to enable the CNC router work as per their specifications. These software help people in the footwear industry to create upscale designs for shoe soles that could meet the growing market demand. The CAD system designs 3-D model of footwear sole and subsequently, the CNC machine works on the created design to manufacture the sole from aluminum and other sheets.

0 - 3D CNC Router – The High-Speed Machining For Shoemaking Industry

The image above shows the Aluminum mold for sole making carved out with the help of CNC machine.

Benefits of Shoe Mould Manufacturing through 3D CNC Router

Numerous models of 3D CNC routers are available with varied companies for you to grab. All these machines comprise a range of features that make them the most sought after for creating shoe mould. Here are some valuable features you would come across in these CNC routers.

omni CNC - 3D CNC Router – The High-Speed Machining For Shoemaking Industry
• The machine casts the main structure of the mold with acute precision.
• Ensures stability with high-speed execution.
• Accurate metal processing with high-performance engraving
• Heavy duty gantry and steel frame for high-end rigidity
• Ball screw to infuse processing accuracy
• Clamping table with T-slot, to avoid spindle vibration
• Oil mist cooling system

Omni Tech – The Reliable Manufacturer

To avail all such benefits from a 3D CNC router, buying the machine from Omni Tech would be the best decision. It will not only save your time but also help you get enticing shoe designs to enthrall the customers. Its machines are duly equipped to contain all the requisite features and hence are the best to buy as compared to those from other manufacturers. Among the other equipment you can avail at Omni Tech for cutting, engraving, sole mold making, and other processes include 4 axis CNC routers, ATC CNC router, EPS Shaping CNC Router and so on.

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3D CNC routers from Omni Tech are the best to give you perfect designs for shoes. Hence, if you are into show manufacturing business, this machine could be of much help.

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