Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: An Ultimate Guide for Buying Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The industry is changing quite rapidly. To maintain the pace, the machine owners need to update themselves with whatever piece of new information available. Further, they need to understand the upcoming pattern and upgrade their arsenal with the machines of the future or gather funds to plan the purchase of that machine.

CNC router machines provide a quick and adept way of cutting and engraving objects. Besides, using laser machines as cutting equipment for metal sheets could turn out to be a very powerful way of making a firm’s commanding presence in the market. It is more of a statement that the owner is ready to deliver the product efficiently on time.

Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fiber laser cutting machine when the topic of discussion is about the CNC machine. This is an upcoming and futurist segment for assured success. However, there has been a lot of question about what is this machine all about? Perhaps, this is the time to decode!

What is a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

A fiber laser cutter is a kind of CNC machine which uses a laser as its medium of cutting equipment to produce high quality, high speed, high efficiency, and high precision. These machines are the perfect addition to a metalworking operator’s armory.

Though, the best machines mostly sport lasers of powers ranging from (1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W, 8000W). Power is a determining factor of the quality of the work these machine machines can produce. To cut metal sheets like that of stainless steel, electrical steel, aluminum zinc plate, galvanized steel, titanium alloy, iron, brass, copper and other metal of varying thickness; fiber machine with power more than or equal to 1500 W should be used in order to produce distinctive cuts.

However, machines of lower power like that of 500W, 750W, and 1000W could be used to produce exotic designs that don’t require too much of incision or penetration.

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How does it work?

Moving forward, there are many things that many buyers don’t try to learn while buying this fiber laser cutting machine; and, one of them is how this machine works. It is always good to have an extra bit of knowledge, especially of how the machine operates.

The machine operates on a laser that is emitted by a fiber laser generator. This laser is generated through an optical path that focuses the fiber laser beam on the substance in use with a very high power density. This laser beam is then illuminated on the surface of the metal to bring the metal onto its melting or boiling point. During this, the high-pressure gas links with the fiber laser beam and blows away the molten or vaporized material.

While doing all this, the laser beam moves in correspondence with the metal; thus, slitting the material and achieving the purpose of cutting.

How to Buy a Fiber Laser Cutter?

As mentioned before, having an idea about the depth of the pool is important. This is the reason why one should know the cost of a fiber laser cutting machine. Further, understanding why you are opting for this cnc fiber laser cutter machine is good for the starters.

Besides, finding a professional or an assured company is also a part of the good start. These professionals know the nuances that you don’t and can guide you in buying a fiber laser cutting system at a very good and affordable rate.

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However, the most crucial aspect of this machine is its ability to finish the designated work. This machine should operate at high speed with high precision; thus, providing work of the highest quality. Apart from this, look for a company that has a high rating and is a trusted brand in the market. This will ensure their support and backup whenever there is a problem with the machine that too in less time! As a professional, firms like Omni CNC work towards providing excellent technology that is committed to enhancing the development and production of the work.

Where does a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine fit in a Modern Shop?

Apart from comprehending the cost, one should also know where these machines will fit in the modern shop. Fiber laser cutters are big machines and should be used in a systematic environment for top quality work. Perhaps, this is why finding a good level of refinement and sophistication is one of the valuable aspects of buying this machine.

Versatility and efficiency are two chief characteristics of this machine, be it of any power. For those users who are concerned with the incision of materials of a variety of thickness, a medium level (750W to 1500W watt fiber laser) fiber laser cutting machine is a valuable asset to possess. These machines have the capability of cutting steel up to 0.70 inches thick, aluminum to 0.315 inches, stainless up to 0.394 inches, and copper and brass to 0.197 inches without the need to change the lens.

Speed and adaptability are two chief principles, along with the aforementioned one of this machine. This helps in finishing the work on time, thus, removing the extra spending on the final product. However, there are some burdens, like replacement cost and downtime cost that an operator can eliminate. Besides, considering every other factor, this entry level fiber laser machine has an ability to cut twice as fast and that too at one-sixth of the cost of a CO2 laser with a payback period that is 70% of a CO2 laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser cutting machine reduces scrap and increases the quality of the finished part due to the following reasons. One, it benefits from a very stable beam platform. This platform remains constant and helps in maintaining the cut quality, irrespective of the changes in the distance between the nozzle and the metal sheet, which is under the cutter.

And, the second, the fiber laser’s narrow kerf and small spot size help in getting the desired high speed cutting that too without sacrificing the quality of the work.

How much does a Laser Cutter Cost?

The cost of a laser cutter is a thing that should be considered while deciding the budget for the machine purchase. The fact that it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer should also be kept in mind while deciding who the user is opting for. For a pro tip, one should always consider professionals like Omni CNC machines. These companies have spent considerable time in the market and know the exact requirement of the operator approaching them. Further, they are good with their quotes, which are reasonable.

However, one should also take note of the fact that the fiber laser machine price varies due to specifications and configurations in the laser powers, types, tubes, lens, mirrors, etc. Furthermore, the rates might differ with the quality of laser engravers and cutters.

As a professional CNC and fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer from China, Omni CNC believes in offer 24/7 person-to-person free service and support. This helps them to understand what their clients really want. Nevertheless, coming back to the price range of laser engravers/cutters, it usually varies from $3,000.00 to 300,000.00 as said before, this might increase or decrease as per the configurations and requirements of the operating firm.

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Understand the Usage:

Perhaps, before buying, ask yourself a question: “Why am I even thinking of buying this? Is this a part of my long-term plan, or is it just a one-time use?”

Now, brainstorm this and understand why you need this machine. Though many different reasons might pop in the brain, some of it will be that this is a future investment that you are making for your company, but getting that valuable one clear thought can prevent you from any possible regret that you might have in the future.

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Stamping press may bear the lowest cost per part, but depending on the required volume, this can change. When we are talking about metal forming in a press, we are speaking about the need to invest in tooling and other stuff.

Apart from this, one can also think of opting for traditional turret punch press, which can help in cutting out the holes and shapes that, too, in a very economical way; however, it also requires tooling. No machine, even the punching one, can produce the speed as that of fiber laser cutting machine.

The speed of this machine is far superior to a high-definition plasma cutting system in terms of metal cutting thick material. Using an abrasive waterjet for thick materials is a good decision.

Models as per the Usage:

Given the fact that you have understood why you want the machine. Let us walk you through to some important aspect of knowing which model to opt for this machine.

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Light Deploytube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This is designed for pipes that are easy to operate. These machines offer good cutting quality and cutting efficiency.

Middle Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

An ideal entry-level fiber laser cutting table machine. It does not require a high purchase or training cost. This machine is adept in working with the cypcut operating system and imported components. This machine mainly works for stainless steel, alloy steel, and other metal sheets. They are widely used in advertising and high pressure and low voltage electrical cabinet production.

Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With easy operation and basic maintenance, the flatbed laser fiber cutting machine provides users powerful cutting and efficiency. It is a good choice for users who are looking for economical processing.

Dual-use Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This sheet and tube fiber cutting machine are made for the cutting of cast iron bed, professional pipe cutting CNC system, rack drive system, which assures good cutting accuracy and efficiency.

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High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This high-power fiber laser cutting machine is an upgraded version to provide full-protection of fiber laser cutting machine. This machine is suitable for cutting thick sheets with high power and high speed.

China’s Stand in This Market:

Fiber laser cutting machines have become a dominant source in terms of material processing. And, leading the race in providing this machine to the market is China. As per Industrial Laser Solutions, more than 60% of the laser processing market is regulated by China. What’s interesting is the positive effect of laser price reduction. This effect has seen a tremendous and quick spread of applications like that of metal cutting, cleaning, and marking, where the prices of the result are sensitive to the specifications made by the user.

Further, as per Industrial Laser Solutions, in 2018, 30,000 units and 6000 units of mid-power and high-power laser cutting systems were sold, respectively. Besides, there 130,000 units of laser markers were also sold in China.

Keeping all this aside, growth in UV lasers and ultrafast lasers can be noticed. Though these lasers are mainly used for 3C application yet the apparent part here is that at least 15,000 UV lasers were solely sold in China. With the figure of 20,000 units predicted to be sold this year.

As shown in the below-given snapshot, the laser market size in china has upgraded since 2015 and the transformation of the traditional industries came as an advantage. A good economic growth is shown through 2015-2020.

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So here was the round-up of how you should go about things while buying a fiber laser cutting machine in China or any other part of the world. Just remember before opting to buy, always understand the purpose behind and do research about the machine you are thinking of investing in. This will help you to get clarity on the matter and will help in getting the apt machine for your shop/firm’s use.

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