Cutting Solution for Carpet Industry – Digital Cutting Machine

Cutting Solution for Carpet Industry – Digital Cutting Machine

Precise cutting is of utmost importance to industries that deal with paper, fabric, or any other material. Manual cutting is not always an option because it is hardly accurate, consumes a lot of time and is expensive too. On the other hand, industries that value cutting can produce identical or indistinguishable pieces. Evidently, businesses or individuals operating in this domain run an urgent need for advanced cutting devices or machines.

Possibly, they should be looking forward to achieving the highest quality of cutting with the help of Digital cutting machines. You can get the best of these machines from OMNI CNC, especially to cut materials like corrugates plastic sheets, compressed foam sheets, POP’s and carpets, among others. But before moving on, here is more info on this specific device.

What is Digital Cutting Machine?

Made of a creasing wheel, a drag knife, an oscillating knife, a tangential knife and router bits, a digital cutting machine can offer accurate cutting in soft, semi-rigid or heavier flexible material. The tangential control enables this machine to cut square corners accurately. It also ensures that the already cut material retains part accuracy. Immaterial of the task; whether intricate lettering, signage or more, the digital cutting machines from OMNI CNC provide an accurate tool to cut almost every material. This is how it converts valuable client inputs into products and leave behind an everlasting impression. Notably, the importance of its machines for carpet industry is immense.

How is Digital Cutting Machine Beneficial for the Carpet Industry?

In today’s time, a major portion of digital cutting machine demand comes from the paper and carpet industry, respectively. As for carpets, it is true that they are in wide demand since times unknown. Statistics refer that the demand for carpets and rugs in the US increased by 4.5 per cent in 2019. This accounts for $16.2 billion for 14.6 billion square feet. Satiating such demands need machines that can fulfill tailor-made cutting requirements by maintaining time constraints and cutting accuracy. Digital cutting machines from OMNI CNC can provide such precision in a safe work environment.

What are the Features of a Carpet Cutting Machine?

CNC Digital Cutting machine model is best suited to cut softer materials. These machines consist of an auto conveyor system and enable cutting of leather and fabric other than carpets with the accompanied roll feed stand. They can also be useful to cut sandblast rubber templates, large compressed foam sheets, printable vinyl banners, POP’s, films and displays, etc. Earlier the use of these machines was confined to the wood furniture industry for processing wood cabinet door, door, wood board cutting along processing other non-metal materials.

While you opt for a carpet cutting machine from OMNI CNC, you can benefit from multifarious features that it offers. Some of the prominent ones include:

  • Multi-function cutting head
  • Auto dragging system
  • Vacuum function
  • Touch screen

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Characteristics of a Digital Cutting Machine

Here are some of the important characteristics of a CNC machine from OMNI CNC that would tend you to order it for your digital cutting endeavors.

1. Versatility: A digital cutting machine can work on different materials with equal ease. Some models may consist of additional features and accessories (like automated tool changers, etc.) to expedite the production process.

2. High Production and Scalability: After the design specifications and parameters are set into the machine, it starts executing the task consistently and pays for flexible scalability.

3. Low Maintenance: Due to the automation of digital machines, they ease out the work process by automatically updating itself from time to time. They do not require frequent servicing. The only thing you might need to change from time-to-time is the cutting tools. Light cleaning at regular intervals only improves the quality of work. None of these requires one to call professionals, which in turn minimizes the overhead costs.

4. Minimum Labour Requirement: To execute the production job requires a handful of operators. The entire task can be completed at the hands of an expert programmer and a skilled operator, whereas in the case of a manual machine an operator for every machine and a supervisor to manage the operations is obligatory.

5. Round-The-Clock Endurance: Digital machines are capable of working constantly. Unless there is a need to repair or necessary maintenance to carry out, it can deliver work, around the clock.

6. Safe Environment Assurance: The digital machines offer a safer material cutting environment. The operators involved in maintaining the proper function of machines do not have to mess themselves with the sharp tools and implements as is the case with traditional cutting methods. You can complete the work from a distance.

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How Is Digital Cutting Machine Beneficial Over Traditional Machines?

Technological advancements have made their way into each and every field. The carpet industry is not an exception. To ensure customer satisfaction, industries need to keep their eye on higher quality of products, production speed, etc. Traditional methods of cutting in the case are incompetent.

The traditional machines available till date are enormous, complex to operate and make intolerable noises. They also do not pose a safe environment for the operators (who have to work with sharp tools and implements). Additionally, cutting is also not precise unless the workers get an external aid to perform the task. Thus, it is hard to produce a product through a traditional cutting machine without compromising on its quality. Furthermore, delay in the finishing process makes these kinds of machines undesirable in today’s fast-paced world.

Conversely, a digital cutting machine can solve all the problems. It is faster (3 to 5 times than the traditional machines with 1000mm/s to 1200mm/s cutting speed) and works with precision. There are no gears to work with as everything is automatized. The only time-consuming part is designing and setting up the cutting instructions. The machine is capable of completing a cut in just a fraction of time (in comparison to traditional cutting machines).

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The Enhanced Functionality of the Knife Cutting Machine for Precise Cutting

Ahead of other devices, knife cutting machine holds an edge for accurate cutting owing to its ability to cut soft material with ease. Owing to its increased functionality, you can use it to cut through foam, film, fabric and of course, carpet with ease.

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This machine operates with finesse due to its multi-tool cutting head, which consists of:

  • Fixed blade
  • Pizza wheel [rotary knife]
  • Electric oscillating knife
  • Routing
  • Kiss-cut

Additionally, the machine comprises tangential control, which enables to cut square corners with precision and maintain high degree part accuracy.

How CNC knife cutting machine improves the customer experience with an experienced solution?

A CNC knife cutting machine improves customer experience appreciably as compared to other traditional machines. As the name suggests, a Computer-numerical control machine is computer coordinated and hence ensures a roaster of benefits for its users by virtue of its advanced features. The following are the ways by which a digital cutting machine from the OMNI CNC machine takes care of customer experience.

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1. Precision Workings

These sophisticated machines leave a lesser scope of human error. The autonomous machining and digital template assure you of achieving accuracy within 1/1000th. This reduces the chances of product rejection from the customer’s side.

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2. Offers Uniform Product

Customers have an eye for a perfect finish. The output from a CNC machine matches exactly and bit by bit. Even if one had assigned the most talented engineers working with on the conventional machines, they would not be able to produce exact prototype specifications.

3. Flexible to Adapt To Chances

Being able to be connected to CAD (Computer-aided design) software it allows the customers to ask for timely corrections in the pattern.

4. Lowers Purchase Costs

Every advantage of CNC, be it minimized labour requirement, high-speed functionality or greater efficiency, accounts for the costs of the overall business. CNC machines, hence, can bring down production costs heavily. Low production cost, in turn, lead to reduced selling costs hence sparking customers greater customer acceptance for the product.

Wrapping up!

The advanced digital Cutting machines offer unparalleled cutting capabilities to end-users on rigid as well as flexible substrates. The accurate and effortless motion makes the cutter an easy-to-use router and cutter for both small and large businesses.

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Therefore, using CNC digital cut machines is perhaps the ultimate solution for carpet cutting requirements. With them, you would not have to bother about staff being absent from work or accuracy in terms of product. You only have to set the machines with all the necessary instructions, and it will be all good to go. Now that you know much about the usability of the digital cutting machine as an ultimate cutting solution for the carpet industry buying it from a reliable manufacturer matters a lot.

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OMNI CNC enters the fray in this regard and offers you a slew of sophisticated, advanced and easy to use digital cutting machines to cut carpets and several other materials/objects. The company excels in providing technologically sound machines that you can operate even with limited technical knowledge. Nevertheless, you must possess knowledge of your business!

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