The Digital Cutting Machine Used for Making Medical Gowns/Isolation Gowns/Protective Coveralls

Digital Cutting Machine Used for Making Medical Gowns

In 2019, the global PPE kit market was valued at USD 52.2 billion and by 2025, the personal protective equipment market is expected to reach USD 92.5 billion, which highlights a compound annual growth(CAGR) of 8.7% in these five years. Besides, the increase in activities by NGOs and the governments to raise awareness regarding PPE kits to reduce the injury rate among the employees is one of the underlying factors that is acting as a catalyst for the growth of the economy in the personal protective equipment market (PPE).

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To some extent, these efforts can be labeled as causes to prevent the rising number of mortality rates within the industrial sector. The industrial owners have taken significant steps in consideration with the government policies to provide their employees with equipment that can reduce the risk of any fatal injury, thereby, protecting the worker. Also, the global rise in the sale of personal protective equipment can also be credited to the awareness among the employees, who are now asking their employers to provide the kit before they join/start their work.

Additionally, the unforeseen outbreak of the pandemic, Covid-19, has also contributed as one of the key factors in the increase in global demand of personal protective equipment. Thus, changing this market’s scenario for a better future. To complement this, the desperate measures required to protect oneself from the novel coronavirus is also impacting the global sales for the PPE kits. The demand is high and almost everyone needs personal protective equipment on a regular basis to safeguard them from the infection.

The number of manufacturers has also increased substantially. Besides, the World Health Organization asking others to step-up in this process has also increased the production statistics of personal protective equipment.

The leading pharmaceutical firms are plying their trade in this new field. Hence, it comes as no surprise that by 2025, the medicine producing segment will lead the race in terms of generating revenue for the manufacturing and distribution of personal protective equipment.

1. Geographical Distribution

Until 2019, Europe was one of the leading forces in terms of manufacturing protective equipment. However, the explosion of the COVID-19 around the globe has changed the situation. The European Union is fighting to meet the exceeding requirement of the PPE kits. As per the current scenario, the demand for PPE kits is 10 times more than what the European Union is producing or has available units in their stock.

Besides, the funds allocated by the government to countries for combating COVID-19 shows the seriousness of the situation and the speedy production of PPE kits. Here is a quick view of funds allocation:

I. USD 808 billion has been allocated to Germany for the production of PPE kits

II. Spain which is the worst-hit in term of COVID-19 cases is provided with USD 223 billion

III. France follows the suit with USD 50 billion

IV. U.K. whose economy has suffered a big blow this pandemic has been issued USD 14.8 billion

V. The Brazilian government has been provided with USD 144 billion

Apart from the government, other private sectors and many entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to provide PPE kits to supplement the demand across the globe. Perhaps, it would be fitting to say that if the demand remains the same or more, the predicted figure of USD 92.5 billion could be breached by 2025.

2. How Digital Cutting Machine is Crafting PPE Kits

Though many of the industrialists and manufacturers are familiar with the digital cutting machine and its varied applications in the different cutting industries. However, this pandemic has come as surprise to those who were unaware of the machine’s prowess in cutting non-woven material.

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Designed for accurate cutting, the CNC Digital Cutting system comes with a head-fixed, multi-tool cutting blade, electric oscillating blade, routing, kiss cut, and pizza wheel with a tangential control which facilitates to accurately cut square corners. With these features, this machine has the ability to cut soft material like fabric, carpet with roll feed stand, printable vinyl banners, leather, large compressed foam sheets, corrugated plastic sheets, sandblast rubber templates, and more.

For this reason, many manufactures have found an able ally in the digital cutting machines to fulfill the steep demand for PPE kits required for both doctors and their patients. Besides, as per the prevailing circumstances, it is safe to say that it is only a digital cutting machine that has the ability to process millions of disposable non-woven PPE kits in less time.

Also, many firms/manufacturers have testified to the machines dexterity to cut and produce the PPE kits design that too at thousands flat sheets per hour. The machine possesses a technique that uses a digital cutter to cut a low-cost material with a high-rate. Thus, when used to its optimum level, this machine has the potential to match the need of a mask or a PPE kit for a doctor or a nurse despite them changing it every time they deal with a new patient.

The digital cutting machine has facilitated mass manufacturing of PPE kits with a rate of 50,000 kits per day in a matter of a few weeks. As the world continues to fight this situation, the manufacturing firms are upgrading their game to ramp up production of PPE kits by increasing the rate of cutting the non-woven material.

3. Types of PPE Gowns

The most important part of a PPE kit is an isolation gown. These gowns are made of non-woven material and act as a protecting shield for a person against the virus and its contaminated areas. However, rarely do people realize that each gown is for different purposes.

I. Isolation Gown with Elastic/Knitted Cuff/Laminated PE

Made of 100% non-woven material, this spun-bond polypropylene gown provided protection fluids by sealing the surface. With a skin-friendly formula, this gown provides a secured fit alongside being non-toxic to the skin and comfortable for the body.

This type of gown is fit for purposes where comfort and protection to user’s clothes is the need of the hour like that of:

1. Dental Clinics

2. Food Processing Units

3. Science laboratories

II. Ultrasonic SMS Isolation Gown

Made with SMS ultrasonic welding craft, this 100% non-woven, non-toxic, odor-free, non-irritable gown provided a secure fit features a leak-proof and permeation resistance. This kind of gown is best for food processing units, and dental clinics.

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4. PPE Kits Details

Every individual is different and, for that reason, personal protection kits also come in different sizes. Be it small, medium, large, extra-large(XL), or double XL, these PPE kits come with a classic neck/belt with a stretch or knit-wrist along with an elastic cuff and a thumb ring wrist style.

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Features of these Kits:

I. They keep a person disinfected

II. Prevents internal lining and person from any liquid splash

III. Provides comfort and good air permeability

IV. PPE kits are durable

V. They are free from fillers, silicon, and adhesives as they are made of top-quality non-woven material

VI. Due to the surface smoothness, the PPE kits are good repellents of inorganic liquid. Hence, they are able to prevent the splitting of chemical substances.

VII. 100% dustproof performance due to a special coating, prevents the entry of ultra-fine dust particles and any kind of salt solution

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5. Benefits of PPE Kits

There is a reason why everyone is opting for personal protective equipment. Apart from the regular industrial purpose, these PPE kits are perfect to deal with the current pandemic situation. Hence, it offers a lot of benefits; here a few of them:

1. Isolation gown is used in:

a. General surgery

b. Nursing ward

c. General ward

2. PPE kits can help in preventing:

a. Bacterial infection

b. Static electricity

c. Isolate bacteria

3. Keeps a person disinfected in areas that are prone to or are contaminated by the virus.

4. It is also widely used in:

a. Military

b. Environmental Protection

c. Chemical

d. Medical

e. Epidemic Prevention

f. Transportation

The situation is critical at the moment. However, with the help of digital cutting machine one can ramp-up their production game for the PPE kits and help out their native country along with the hope to support other countries. To become a helping hand in this situation, OMNI CNC is also working hard to produce as many PPE kits as possible with their digital cutting machine and is determined to help others with their machines. So, contact us to know further about the digital cutting machine for PPE kit production.

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