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It is simple to buy a CNC wood router. Although the user interface may vary depending on which manufacturer you choose, the basic process remains the same. 

Introduction: What is a CNC Router? And Why Should I Buy One?

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CNC router is a type of computer controlled machine created for milling, drilling and cutting materials. 

Do I need a cnc wood router?

Well, many woodworkers have this question before purchasing. Let us tell you, buying a cnc router is a big step for your woodworking business.


CNC routers can be computer-controlled, automated cutting machines that are capable of performing large quantities of projects at the same time as you focus on other tasks. CNC routers can complete large projects quickly and efficiently, even after you have returned from work.

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CNC routers can be used to produce high-quality work 24/7 with little supervision. They only require occasional maintenance tasks and are able to operate indefinitely. Shops can produce consistent, high-quality work in a shorter time frame thanks to this automation.


CNC routers offer a unique advantage in terms of their versatility and flexibility. They can cut all types of wood, non-ferrous metals, foam and acrylic making them valuable assets for a wide range of industries.

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You can use CNC routers to make:

CNC routers are versatile and can adapt to the needs of your project in a matter of seconds. This allows you to use them on a variety of projects, not just a few.


CNC routers are computer-operated, and it can result in extremely precise production and consistent performance. The router will create as many products as possible by simply entering your design and measurements. Each one is identical. With their precision technology, CNC routers are more precise than handheld machines.

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A CNC router can provide the reliability and performance you need for every cut in your shop. Not just you can cut down on waste by using raw materials more efficiently, but also increasing your profit margins and reducing scrap.

Use it quickly

Your work force will see a decrease in staffing as tasks are automated and enhanced by the CNC router. This can lead to an increase in revenue. The cutting is done automatically and not manually. As a result, it’s easier to find skilled workers than traditional machinery. In this way, one person can oversee multiple CNC routers at once and not feel overwhelmed by them.

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You can also train online, rather than using physical equipment. There are many better ways to maximize the efficiency of your workforce and get more out of your employees.


CNC routers have many safety benefits that take human risk out of the equation. The CNC routers can now automate and operate key pieces of heavy machinery in your shop. There is less chance of anyone being hurt or put at risk if an error or issue occurs. There is less chance of injury to the hand or of losing work.

CNC Routers For Beginners – Budget-Friendly Entry Level Options

It is a great way for CNC routers for beginners to start if you are looking to learn how to use CNC routers.   They can make everything from signs to furniture to musical instruments, like cnc guitar making. CNC routers can be used to create unique features, such as engraved letters.

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Only 30 minutes are required to assemble the OMNI CNC router set. OMNI’s entry-level CNC router is ideal for beginners, DIY projects, small businesses, and other individuals. The OMNI CNC router is compatible with international softwares, like Aspire, Zendesk, Fusion360 etc .

CNC Routers for Professionals – Higher Quality and More Advanced Features

You can choose one of the many models available if you are looking for a CNC router to help you with a high-end project or professional. OMNI CNC industrial ATC series is with powerful spindle tool and auto tool change function and precise driving system. These advanced features drive to meet your demand on the productivity and precision.

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There Are Many Types of CNC Routers You Can Choose According to

Budget & Needs

It is important to take into account your budget and needs when choosing a CNC wood router. For a basic model, you should look for 600*900*100mm or 1200*1200*100mm work areas, and 2000*3000*200mm for larger projects.

Materials Hardness

It is crucial to know what type of material you will be cutting. A machine that is heavy duty can cut steel while a smaller product can only cut soft woods. If you want to use your CNC router to cut hard materials and wood, you will need a stronger machine. Although these routers are more expensive, they are worth every penny.

Consider What Spareparts You Also Need

A vacuum table is an excellent option for CNC wood routers. The vacuum table places the density board directly onto the table, then sucks it into the machine. This is a great way to save time and effort and can be used for mass-production of wood doors. 

Do not forget dust collector. Because it is a must have when you work on wood.

Buy more collects and bits since they are consumables.

MDF boards are another option. MDF board, which combines wood fiber with glue under high pressure, is another option. It is extremely breathable with ducts between the fibers. It protects your work table from the damage caused by the milling cutter.

What Does a CNC Wood Router cost? 

Costs for CNC routers can vary depending on how complex and large the project is, as well the labor involved. The pro cnc wood router can cost as high as $30,000, While, entry level (desktop) models are typically less than $5,000. CNC routers that are of high quality can cost thousands of dollars. However, cheaper models can be as cheap as $1000. It is best to find out how much it will cost and what work it takes to make a CNC router.

The mid-range models have similar features to the low-end models but are heavier and more expensive. These models often have a steel frame that is reinforced to prevent warping. The three axes are powered by either ball screws, servo closed loop system, or rack-and-pinion systems. Also, look out for features like a CNC controller and industrial-style spindles.

A lower-end CNC router is a good choice if you’re new to woodworking. For beginners, it may be easier to purchase a lower-cost entry-level CNC router and then learn at your own speed. You should avoid buying a machine you are unable to use as it can be dangerous. A 4×8 router is sufficient for most projects, especially if you’re just starting out. 

If you work on complex 3d profile project or complex mould, you should invest in a more advanced machine such as a 5-axis CNC router. And most investors have specific requirements for complex work, OMNI has rich experience on solution of custom 5 axis cnc router machine.

Buy CNC Router from China

Why buy CNC routers from China? Not just for OMNI exceptional quality routers, but also because we provide buyers a seamless importing experience. We pay personal attention to each buyer guiding them every step of the way and ensuring that buyers familiar with how to import CNC router from China.

We may lists tips of purchasing cnc router, but still not enough. In case you have any question about cnc router ordering, do not hesitate to let us know. We will try our best to help you since purchasing cnc router is never an easy decision for everybody.