How Do You Choose A Fibre Cutting Laser Machine?

cutting laser - How Do You Choose A Fibre Cutting Laser Machine?

Over the years, the mechanical industry has been subject to unavoidable changes to meet the market demand. The process of automation was introduced to reduce the physical work and improve the efficiency of a company. These changes helped the companies in reducing their labor costs and improving the production time.

A major role in automation was played by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. One such machine that has helped several industries is the fiber laser cutting machine. The introduction of laser cutting technology has helped the metal, fiber, and other industries, a lot.
If you’re looking for a fiber laser machine, you have come to the right place. Here is a guide to choose the right fiber laser cutting machine for you.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – Introduction

A fiber laser cutting  machine uses a solid-state laser source to generate a beam that goes through the fiber optic cable to the cutting head. This beam is strong enough to cut through any sort of material or fiber that is put under it.

This has helped in increasing the efficiency of the company and improving the accuracy resulting in lower rate of rejection. OMNI-CNC takes pride in their fiber laser cutting machines.

Let’s take a look at the factors you need to consider before buying a laser cutting machine.

Purchasing Cost

Purchasing an industrial CNC laser cutting machine is not an easy task as one wrong decision can turn a possible investment into a liability. The initial step is to identify if your industry can work without one or not.
In the next step, you’ll have to study the requirements and the changes this cutting machine will bring in the production process. Our company offers discounts on the machines as well. For example, a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine goes on sale for $17,000 to $20,000. However, our bestselling 1000W fiber laser cutting machine goes on sale for $12,500.

Company Usage

Once you’ve compared the prices, the next step is to see the user requirements and the industry you’re buying for. This includes the materials you are planning to cut using the machine. It is important to identify the materials and various sizes you are going to use for the machines.

Finalizing the materials will help you choose a single laser cutting machine that will serve the purpose for all. This helps you in planning for your future expenses and making the right choice for your current purchase.

For example, you would require a bigger machine with a big bed measuring approximately 1500mm x 3000mm if you plan to cut metals. The machine would also be of higher wattage as compared to your fabric cutting machine.

Operating Cost

While you can get an estimate for your purchasing price, finding an estimate for the operating cost of the machine is slightly difficult. While calculating, you have to factor in all the possibilities to come to a final estimate.

This price then justifies the profit difference you’ll make on every production piece. It also helps you to find the cost difference between manual cutting and automated fiber laser cutting machines. The operating cost for a fiber cutting laser machine ranges from $10 per hour to $20 per hour, depending on the fabric and run time.

Core Parts of the Machine

Every industrial CNC laser cutting machine you see on sale in the market is made up of the following core parts:

Laser Source

Our machines focus on efficient performance paired with quality working. The quality of optical components play a major role in the performance of the machines. The fiber laser is the main power source of the laser cutting machine.

Cutting Head

The cutting head of the machine is the part that contains the laser within the nozzle, focusing lens, and a focusing tracking system. The movement of the cutting head is automated for the set path but height is adjusted physically depending on the thickness and the quality of material.

The head also has an air blowing machine attached to it. It blows out any excess waste of the material you cut to avoid any complications. Our cutting heads have optical lenses that emit high-quality lasers for cutting.

Control System

The control system is the main component of the fiber cutting laser machine as the data you enter in the system allows the laser to move accordingly. The quality of the control system will determine the stability of the optical laser cutting system.

The control system helps the laser to identify the X, Y, and Z axis and move accordingly. It is also responsible for controlling the output power of the laser. At OMNI CNC, we use the BOCHU control systems for maximum precision with minimum faults.

Cutting Bed

The cutting bed is the place where you place your sheet material and the laser action will take place. Unlike other controlling systems, the size of the bed is permanent and you cannot change it later. Hence, the purchase should be made wisely.

Laser Lens

The quality of the laser lens defines the precision of cutting and it will define the power of the fiber cutting laser machine. We differentiate them as imported lenses and domestic lenses. Domestic lenses are further divided into two categories- lenses made with domestic material and those made with imported material.

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After Sales Services

People often ignore the after sale service when they are purchasing a machine as they focus more on getting a discount.

However, it is crucial to give importance to the after sales service as much as you give to finding the right price for your machines. It is important for the manufacturer to offer timely service for the machines.

Every minute a machine stays off, it is a loss for the company. Hence, OMNI-CNC offers:

  • One-year warranty on new machines & parts
  • Free replacement & repair for new machines & parts
  • Customized machine & parts building
  • Beginners guide with customer care support
  • After sales service includes training by a technician about the products
  • 24×7 technical support over phone or by visiting

Final Verdict

If you are planning to win the market and get ahead of your competitors, you have to ensure you invest wisely. Choosing the right fiber cutting laser machine may be a time consuming process but it will help you save money and time in future.

The right machinery will help you in growing your business & dominate the market. Make no further delays and pick the best model from our range of OMNI-CNC laser cutting machines.



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