How to Optimize Water Jet Cutting Machine Efficiently?

Water Jet Cutting Machine is very flexible in cutting hard materials, which also acts as its most prominent asset.

It’s versatile. Since, it is a high-pressure jet erosion process, and it can cut any kind or grade of metal.

Interestingly, the water jet cutting machine cuts titanium quicker than it cuts steel and can cut nickel compounds at a similar speed as it cuts steel.

The Framework

A Water Jet Cutting Machine framework contains a CNC machine, an ultra-high-pressure pump, and at least one cutting heads.

The way you configure and optimize these segments decides the Water Jet machine’s execution.

Successful shops comprehend that a spotless and well kept up workspace is critical to growing profitability.


Here are the four best practices to keep your cutting Water jet cutting machine in the best condition and your generation running at peak.

Number of Cutting Heads of Water Jet Cutting Machine

Today many employ the alternative to utilizing more than one cutting head with a little orifice and centering tube diameter.

However, a double head framework parts the water stream. This kind of framework is more complicated and harder to work.

Hence, the engineer must guarantee that both cutting heads are cutting at the very same execution level.

Instead of managing a double head framework, utilize a single high-pressure pump running between 80,000 to 90,000 PSI.

It can support significantly more horsepower through one head than a lower-pressure pump.

This permits the quickest generation through a single head framework. You get the same output while being more productive with the abrasive use.

Also, the engineer doesn’t need to struggle with two cutting heads.

Increase Pressure, Not Horsepower

As pressure rises, so does the speed of the stream. The water weight transforms into velocity when it leaves the cutting head.

When you boost the pressure yet hold the horsepower steady, you’ll cut somewhat quicker and you’ll utilize significantly less abrasive.

For instance, when you cut the part with a 25-HP framework and afterward cut the part to a similar quality with 50 HP.

The key distinction here is – the higher-pressure pump creates a quicker moving stream, which cuts at generally double the speed.

This cuts the principal cost driver to half. With constant power, the higher-pressure pump will employ half the abrasive and cut quicker.

Routinely Maintenance Cycle

There is a cost related to turning up the power. Exposing high-pressure parts to boosted water pressure lessens their wear life.

Therefore, maintenance cycles might abbreviate, and supplant the pump seals, orifices, check valves, and pipes parts even more regularly.

Image 5 3 - How to Optimize Water Jet Cutting Machine Efficiently?

Also, the intensifier may move quicker one way than the other.

So, analyzing the pump activity daily is a must, at any rate, to keep intensifier pumps from sporadic movement.


Cut Underwater

One major benefit of cutting underwater is – it significantly decreases noise.

Likewise, it keeps material particles and abrasive from spattering on water jet cutting machine segments and the work territory.

This helps keep the workplace clean and expands the life of the machine’s parts. We mainly use Yaskawa servo motor.

Image 7 2 - How to Optimize Water Jet Cutting Machine Efficiently?

Omni CNC can provide you with many more tips to optimize your Water Jet cutting machines.

Not surprisingly, the company holds high repute in the sales, renting and maintenance of CNC routers, Water Jet machines, and other related equipment.

Image 8 2 - How to Optimize Water Jet Cutting Machine Efficiently?

Following some important tips would work wonders in keeping your Water jet cutting machines in perfect condition.

Moreover, if you buy one from Omni CNC, chances are brighter for your machine to work flawlessly, without exhibiting any wear and tear for long.

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