Make A Guitar on Mini CNC Router Machine

Guitar on Mini CNC Router Machine

Guitar playing is very cool, well, listening guitar playing is much easier for me and I think this is also cool.
Today, the topic is about guitar making by cnc router machine. Lucio Siragusa from Australia ordered OMNI6090 cnc router machine for guitar making. He mainly work on neck, bridge, guitar body and firboard by cnc router. The laser machine he purchased I believe is for marking logo or special sign on the guitar.

The keypart is program file creating. Firstly, you gonna make a 2d shape, trace the contour and interior curves, then use extrude command to 3D shape with solid surface. In the process, you may also use trim command and fillet edget etc. And the the back of guitar is the same procedure to model it. Then you do not need the flush trim bit, round over bit on manual router table, no need the angle grinder etc tool.

The photo is from http://ultimate-guitar-online.ultimate-online-services.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=402

Next you you create the tool path. 2D flat bits is for milling to the pocket by hollowing out way, and 3D ball end for roughting pass and finishing pass.

You will need 2 bits to cut this guitar body. One is a three-eighths inch down flute, which is a flat bit that we are going to use for all the 2d milling, and other one is ball end, also three eighths inch that going to be using to cut any 3D contouring. And we suggest alder or cherry wood blank, one and three- quarter inches, which is the thickness of guitar. so need to fly cut it.










When CNCing wood this thick it needs to be rock solid secure so you need to screw your guitar body blank right to your waste board. Or use the fasten tool to fix the blank to machine table. By the way, 600*900mm cnc router is a nice choice, 2.2kw is suitable. If you have enough budget, 1200*1200mm, 3kw spindle is a great option because this configuration is much stronger than 600*900 model because of machine structure and spindle power and motors.
Now processing start. The cnc router machine will do the 2d and 3d progress as your setting, when it is done, sanding it, adding some color you may like it. and then you may mount on the neck, nut, string, bridget pickup etc.
Good luck, you gonna have a custom made guitar!guitar project

Below is Lucio Siragusa’s review about OMNI cnc router machine and laser machine. And above is some of his projects.



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