Why 5 Axis CNC Routers is Indispensable for Your Business?

CNC routing is very popular among the various industrial domains. You can cut wood and aluminum material without any issues as the machine is designed to carve out 3D figures and geometrical patterns with immaculate precision.

Multifarious Features

5 Axis comes with numerous features that are indispensable according to the industrial standards; here are the significant ones.

  • Large Working Area: Due to the large dimension of the machine, it is possible to create full-size souvenirs for homes and commercial premises. CNC router carves out surreal images that can be cynosures of all eyes. The unique selling points of the device are the strength and durability. In spite of working for long hours, it is immune to wear and tear due to the presence of a welded steel frame.
  • High Speed: 10Kw HSD spindle is equipped with the tremendous power to gain high speed while cutting the material. You can add 8 position rotator ATC into the mix to increase the efficiency of the machine. The user should lubricate the guards and the rail blocks for seamless cutting operation. While transforming the material into an attractive mannequin, you will not notice the irritating voice that often comes from lathe machines.
  • Vacuum Pump: Manufacturers incorporate vacuum pump into the mix for strong clamping fixtures. It is included to stabilize the machine when exposed to vibration during the working process. In order to impart high speed, servo drivers are present inside the machine. It imparts superb power to the CNC machine.
  • Oil Mist Cooling System: This system can cut nonferrous metals such as plastic with exquisite finesse. Control system of the machine plays an important role in handling ferrous materials. T slot camping table is shipped with the machine for usage in the transformation process. Three-phase dust extractor is a revelation of sorts because it helps to reduce clutter after the process is completed. Cutting wood releases lots of solid waste that can spread all over the palace, therefore, it is vital to switch on the extractor during the cutting operation.
  • Numerical Control System: 5-axis CNC machine can be easily connected with a personal computer to manage the output without a manual interface. Invoke the app on the computers and set the speed in the virtual mode to watch the performance of the high precision cutters. CNC routers are epitomes of accuracy due to the presence of imported ball screws on the X-axis. You have to enter the specifications right inside the computer and click on the submit button to kick-start the cutter. Now let’s move over to the applications of this widely preferred machine.


Thanks to the perfection of the 5 axis CNC routers, they find use in a range of applications, especially in carving out enchanting figures out of wood, aluminum, and other hard surfaces.

Notice how the machine is carving out the 3 D profile figure of a beautiful woman to perfection out of mulberry wood in this YouTube video.

In this another video, the 5-Axis machine is creating an enticing helmet from a solid block of weighing 120 Kg.

It is indeed difficult to think how such hard surfaces could be transformed into lively creations, isn’t it?

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