Top 10 Questions About China CNC Router-2

5. Is not China CNC router too expensive for the average shop?

Not any more. Over the past 10 years both the software and hardware have come down in price considerably. Where a simple 3 axis China CNC router use to start at around $1,000, full line of 5 axis turning / milling CNCs are far more versatile and prices start at around $5,000. Thats less than a well equipped traditional home shop and as we discussed in questions number 3, will take your woodworking to a level you never dreamed possible. Keep in mind that offers a full line of 5-Axis Hybrid CNC systems to meet the requirements of woodworkers at every level from the home shop hobbyist to the production shop.

6. What are the differences between 5-axis CNCs and other CNC machines on the market?

Invented Ornamental Milling and over the past 20 years we have designed router bits and machining techniques that very quickly produce spectacular results. When you combine experience and our exclusive 5 axis open frame construction you have something truly special. Following are just a few of the differences:

Axis Configuration: The standard configuration for a China CNC router is three axis and a flat table for forming, shaping, carving a cutting out flat parts. Some CNC manufactures allow you bolt on an accessory that adds the 4th axis for turning between centers. 5-axis CNCs are built around turning and include an exclusive 5th axis that controls the Adjustable Bed. Without this feature you cannot mill a tapered parts that feature rope and barley twist and many other router bit profile operations. While it is possible to carve a tapered rope it would take hours instead of minutes and require a tremendous amount of sanding to finish the part. Again, We pioneered the milling the Ornamental Milling techniques that no one else does.

Two Bed Design: Where most China CNC routers have a flat table (bed), CNCs have a fixed set of rails for mounting a table when working with sheet goods or flat stock and a separate Adjustable Bed for turning.

Open Frame Construction: unique open frame construction allows you to quickly and easily attach accessories such as a flat table for processing sheet goods or clamps that hold your parts horizontally or vertically in the machine. This feature allows you to machine dovetail or mortise and tenon joinery on the ends of your parts.

Smart Tool: This feature allows you to insert a China cnc router bit and press go. The machine will automatically touch off the Smart Tool to set the Z axis for either turning between centers or machining flat stock. No more tool tables or manually touching off the part. You simply change the bit and press go. It is the fastest and easiest way to set the Z axis depth for each cutter.