Top 10 Questions About CNC Router-1

1. What is CNC?
CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control. In simple terms it means that a machine is controlled by a computer.
2. What can CNC do for me?
The most obvious answers to this question is that it can make you money, make your life easier and take your woodworking to new level, but it really depends on the type of CNC. A CNC lathe automates the turning process. You simply draw the shape of the turning and let the CNC lathe do all the work. A China CNC router typically has three axes; the X axis is along the length of the machine, the Y axis is perpendicular to the X axis and the Z axis is typically up and down. A three axis CNC router will let you cut out parts and add details i.e. 2 1/2 D carvings. Most CNCs are dedicated to a specific task.

3. Should not I purchase all of the standard woodworking tools and machinery before I invest in CNC router?
Most traditional woodworkers would say yes, but consider this. If you want to take you woodworking to a higher level than most hobbyist the answer would be no. The average hobbyists spends between $6,000 and $8,000 on tools and machines to completely outfit their shop. Obviously it can be done for less or more but that is the average. If you invest in the right China CNC router first, you will be able to accomplish all of the task that you can do with the traditional tools and machines plus a lot more. Why spend the money twice on tools that will do the same task? China CNC router allows you to turn parts you never dreamed possible, create all types of precision joinery as well as cutout, shape, form and carve practically any part you can dream up all for about the same price as a well equipped shop.
4. Don not I need to learn a programming language like G Code to operate CNC router?
No you don not. The software programs of  cnc router available today will allow you to either import pictures and drawings or make your own drawings and then the program will generate the code to make your parts. In fact, Conversational CAM allows you create the programs for turning spindles that feature rope or barley twist, flutes, tapers, multi-sided cross sections and turning details without even drawing the part. You simply answer a few questions and Conversational CAM creates the code for you. The website has an amazing library or carvings that you can purchase and download to add to your projects eliminating the need to model and create your own carvings. It certainly does not hurt to learn a little about G code. It is a simple code that only requires you to learn a few commands or codes to create your own program or modify an existing program.