Top 10 Questions About China CNC Router-3

7. Is programming and operating Chinia cnc router hard to learn?

CAM is very simple to learn. In fact, you can program turnings that feature turning elements such as beads and coves, rope or barley twist, indexed flutes and square ends in just a few minutes. Simply answer a few questions to create the code. Other CAD/CAM software packages require a little more time to learn but they all have tutorials and online user groups to quickly get you up to speed.

Basic introduction to China CNC router
How to use your CNC Control Software
Introduction to Programming Software: Conversational CAM, TurboCAD, V-Carve Pro, Aspire, ArtCAM and Basic G Code
Milling Operations: Turning a spindle, sign making, inlay, carving.
All of the software companies have online tutorials and user groups where you can ask questions and share ideas.

8. I have a small shop, how much room is required for China CNC router?

We offers three models in various sizes. The foot print for our smallest China CNC router, the Mini desktop, measures 34 wide and 3 long. Of course we also offer the big size will accomidate 4 inch x 8 inch sheets of plywood. We can also build custom machines up to 5 inch x 10 inch and bigger.

9. What is the Warranty?

Warranty is 1 year.

10. Why buy cnc router made in China?

CNC router technology is mature in China. Basing on the low labor cost and rich spare parts resource, the cnc router cost is relatively lower than many cnc router manufacturers in Euro and USA for similar quality. You can save at least 1/3 budget even 1/2 budget if you get similar quality cnc router from China.  “I am very happy with the OMNI machine. It is better than what I can buy locally for double the price. I was able to drive for three hours to see one that was previously imported. It’s solid and worked right away. You dont have to worry that you pay the money and nothing or a pile of junk arrives.” This is the comment from Jason Harris from NewZealand.

Grow with us: We allow you to invest with confidence knowing that you can purchase a bigger more powerful CNC without getting burned. Purchase a China CNC router from OMNI and we will guarantee a 90% trade in value on a larger model within one year. After a year the value of your trade in will be based on a graduated scale.