Here is How to Create an Armless Christ Statue with 4 Axis CNC Router

If you want to make a Christ statue, then the 4 Axis CNC Router is the best machine to work with. The machine has an 8x speed of normal working and enables 3D sculpture making with ease. It has a wide application and works seamlessly on acrylic, foam, plastic, teak wood, wood surfaces. Here are some tips that will guide you to give shape to 3D Armless Christ Statue Manufacturing.

Creating Program File

The first step for manufacturing an Armless Christ Statue Manufacturing is creating the program file. The file is generally in 2D. Tracing the interior curves and contours, extrude commands are utilized to give 3D shape with a solid surface.

Trim When Needed

You may use the fillet edge and trim commands occasionally in the process of designing the armless Christ statue. This allows more precision to the structures. Notice how the CNC router is carving out the Christ stature with a fine touch.

Creating the Tool Path

Your next job is the creation of a tool path. The 2D flat bits can mill the pockets by following the structure wherever required. A 3D ball end enables the work of a finishing pass. The ball end also provides the finishing for a 3D contouring.

Fix the Blank to Machine Table

The blank of the structure you intend to create is to be fixed with the machine. This will secure the structure. You may use the fastening tool to attach the blank to the machine table.

Start Processing

When you have set all the above, the machine is all set to start working. Automatically it will work on 2D and 3D progress as per the settings. When the work is complete, sanding the structure will take place.

This YouTube image shows the finished image of the Armless Christ stature carved out painstakingly with the help of 4 axis CNC router from Omni Tech.

Why should you use a 4 Axis CNC Router?

Ample reasons support the use of a 4 Axis CNC Router, here are prominent of them:

Can work on composites, non-ferrous metal, foam contours, etc.

•  Can work on composites, non-ferrous metal, foam contours, etc.
•  Enables drilling, trimming, etc.
•  Suits varying production requirements
•  It is a perfect solution for woodworking manufacturers
•  Is very much flexible and durable
•  Efficient for continuous production and full cutting time
•  Absorbs any cutting vibrations

If you are a woodworking manufacturer searching for the best 4 Axis CNC Router, make sure to buy one from OMNI CNC. The company offers machines of superior quality that produce excellent work with utmost accurateness. For sure, your clients would love the armless Christ statue you create using it. Not only that, you can give shape to any designs with this machine.

To sum up, the Omni CNC 4 Axis CNC routers are ideal if you work in wooden manufacturing. This is going to a good investment if you want to achieve precision in your manufacturing work.

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