When you look for this answer, many pages on google you searched out may give you lots of data, and official explanation about the definition of stepper motor, servo motor, torque, terminology such words you may not familiar at all.

And you feel so uncomfortable, do I have to study these very well, then can come to know which cnc router configuration I should choose for best choice? Stepper motor or servo motor?

Before you study the cnc router motor, you may would like to know:

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servo motor 300x225 - Which Motor to Choose When Buy CNC Router? Stepper or Servo?

Servo Motor

stepper motor 300x200 - Which Motor to Choose When Buy CNC Router? Stepper or Servo?

Stepper Motor

I believe there must a way which can tell user how to choose, and this way must be much easier for user to understand and considering user’s benefit.

Yes, it is. I am a file mover, I also searched a lot on google and listed some points of difference for servo and stepper, hope it is easier for cnc router purchaser to understand.

I think everybody willl think of cost.

if only considering this point, stepper is winner, its cost is lower than servo motor that has same power rating.

Servo motor is more expensive, especially servo motors made in Japan, Germany . Servo motor we use is made in Japan, which is rather expensive than stepper motor made in China.

Well, the stepper motor company we use is also cooperated with the manufacturer from Germany.

Speed & Torque

Servos are excellent in applications requiring speeds greater than 2,000 RPM and for high torque at high speeds or requiring high dynamic response.

Steppers are excellent at speeds less than 2,000 RPM and for low to medium acceleration rates and for high holding torque.

Repeat ability

Because of the way stepper motors are constructed and operate they have very good repeatability with little or no tuning required.

Servo motors can have very good repeatability if setup correctly.

The encoder quality can also play into repeatability. So if you requires high precision work, we suggest you servo motor and driver to purchase.


Servo motors are very efficient. Yielding 80-90% efficiency given light loads.

Stepper motors consume a lot of power for outputting, much of that is converted to heat. Stepper motors are usually about 70% efficient.

This is also a good feature help you to decide which one to choose.

Least Heat production

Because the current draw of a servo motor is proportional to the load applied, heat production is very low comparing stepper motor. Stepper motors draw excess current regardless of load. The excess power is dissipated as heat.


Servo motors produce very little noise. Stepper motors produce a slight hum due to the control process. However OMNI offer high quality driver, and it will decrease the noise level.

I think above features could guide you to make decision which motor you better choose.

Well, debate of stepper or servo that which one is better is useless, because which one to choose depends on the customer budget and the work he gonna do by cnc router.

So click CNC solution to find which industry you are in and find the suitable cnc machine.

Or click CNC router for cnc router list to choose. How about just tell the sales engineer your budget and the work you do, let him help you get a suitable configuration cnc router.

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