How Do You Determine If a CNC Router Supplier Trustworthy Or Not?

It is difficult for a person to determine if a cnc router supplier in China is trustworthy or not, especially for cnc router user and who purchase product from China for first time.  Several years ago, there is one cnc router supplier does not reply or answer customer’s email or call after receive payment, I saw this news from cnczone. Some of cnc router users may be terrified to purchase cnc machine from China after hearing this news, but do not paint everyone with same brush, most of cnc router manufactures obey the law.

Then how to determine a trustworthy cnc router supplier from China? Some people may know friends or even has office in China, they assign them to check some China cnc router companies at site and check cnc router delivery etc. Some of them assign 3rd party to check company and product delivery. Some of them fly to China and check the company at site by their selves. Well, not all cnc router buyer has friends or office in China, it is expensive to assign 3rd party for company or product checking except you work on long term cooperation or fly to china to check the product. Yes, everybody want the efficient way with low cost. Here we offer you the several ways and could determine a trustworthy cnc router supplier easily.

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How to Handle If One Axis of CNC Router Does Not Move?

If one axis of cnc router does not move, do as following step by step:
1. One axis of cnc router does not move. Now check the driver for this axis if work normal. The checking way: replace the driver on this axis with another axis, then to see if the other axis can work after mounted on replaced driver of cnc wood router. This way can confirm if there is problem with driver.

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CNC Router Maintenance Tips

Machine Cleanness
1. Clean cnc router working table in time after work every time, be convenient for next processing work.
2. Clean powder on linear guide around area, for protecting machine transmission get stuck while moving.
3. Clean ballscrew in time, ballscrew decides the accuracy of machine.
4. Clean control cabinet in time, dust affect the electrical spare parts seriously.

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CNC Router Spindle Purchase Tips

Spindle is the crucial part of cnc router.  So we need to consider the following issues when we purchase cnc router spindle.
1. Ask the supplier if adopting high precision bearing. If it is not with high precision bearing, after long time high speed rotating, the life time of spindle motor will be affected. OMNI use high precision bearing on cnc wood router spindle whatever water cooling or air cooling spindle.

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How To Avoid Smoke While Engraving Solid Wood?

When cnc wood router process the solid wood, there always is smoke coming out. How comes to this? It is because in the processing, cnc router creates plenty of combustible dust, and  cutter rotating so fast will get hot in a hurry if it rubs up against the material being cut for very long. It’s made of carbide so it’ll resist that heat until it is way past the point of being hot enough to start the smoke.

Then what can we do about this?

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Three Accessories You Do Not Want to Miss While Processing Wood Panel

When you buy cnc wood router for woodworking, you may need some accessories to assist the cnc wood router work.

Dust collecting system. While processing wood, it is easily to create dust and powder. Dust collecting system could collect dust efficiently for avoding the dust and powder affect environment and employee health, and also protect the machinie transmission covered with dust.

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